Worship Post-Fessional, November 23

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred Mc Kinnon's blog. It's where worship leaders post their Sunday Morning lists and orders and we learn from each other what worked and what didn't/

You, You Are God (Gateway)
How Marvelous (Tomlin)
Video (We did a take off on the Mac and PC commercials)

Scripture Reading (Psalm 105)
What Can I Do (Baloche)
Bow Down (Joel Engle)

Surrender (Marc James)
You Are (Mark Roach)

Today was the first day I've led out in front (not from piano) in almost 6 months. It was quiet an adjustment (what do I do with my hands again--oh yeah--don't wave them and direct). I also remember that you have to watch where you place your boom stand or you will hit it too. Quiet comical.

Sound was awesome today--really filled up the room and I guess the only negative was that my in-ears died again on last song so I couldn't hear the click track--no biggie though because they were piping some of it through to the floor monitor for the pianist.

So how was your Sunday?


Steff said...

Great Songs! I really like "You are" and "What can I do"!