The World Gets Smaller Via Skype

Today was an amazing day.  I connected with Brook and Sara Sarver, Missionaries to Thailand via Skype this morning.  It was if they were right next door.

Brook and I met via Twitter/Blogs almost two years ago on a Blog Carnival called Creative Chaos.  Each week we would post different creative things that we would do at church.  I think it was Brook and his love for photography that initially got my attention (he's a pretty good photog) and I began following him on Twitter and reading his blog.

I soon found that he was a young pastor in the Indiana area, working with kids, but with a love for the land and people of Thailand.  Not far into our journey he announced that they were moving there as missionaries. They've been there a little more than a year now and are adjusting to the culture and language of Thailand.

What I really enjoyed this morning was the connection we instantly had through Christ.  I met a new sister and brother in Christ and it was as if we had known each other a long time.  It's just that way with the spirit.

We talked about their work and I'll get the honor of introducing them to our church in October when we focus on Thailand. Hopefully we'll have a connection where they can see us and we can see them.  We'll add them to our world mission board here and keep them in our prayers throughout 2010.

Isn't the world getting smaller through things like Skype?