Time moves on

I had the opportunity to attend a funeral this morning. The father of one of our childhood friends passed away and as it happens I was in town for the graveside funeral. I was the only one of the "Bunch" as we were once called. I saw several parents of my childhood friends. Like me, this was the final chapter for these friends as they had already buried their mother several years ago. With the passing of this parent, the chapter in their lives closed as they both live away from the area now. I could empathize with them. With Mom's passing almost 2 years ago, a chapter in our lives closed.

It's amazing when you are faced with these moments in life. You still see so vividly the past. It seems like yesterday when were all playing together and doing life together as children and teens. And yet, time has passed by so quicklly. These two friends have 6 children, many of whom look just like their Aunt or Uncle at the age that I'm talking about.

Wow--a life moment that made me realize I'm not 7 or 17 or 27 anymore. As my next birthday approaches, life seems a little shorter on the backside than I would care to admit. So, what do I do with today to make it count.