Worship Confessional, October 25, 2009

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What a difference a week makes. Had everyone back (but my flute player who was sick--Marie, we missed you) and had the full contingent of the Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir.

Other than a technical glitch with the backing trax, it all went well. We had another Interim pastor prospect preach this week. Hopefull we'll get that settled in a week or so.

Set List:
Are You Washed In The Blood (Brentwood-Benson 30 Minute Choir) Great to have both choir groups together on this song.

Nothing But The Blood (G3 Worship arr)--good up tempo version of this hymn. We hadn't done this one in a while.

Beautiful The Blood (G3 Worship arr). Steve Fee song that we hadn't done before. It fit will with the opening theme.


Jesus Messiah (G3Worship Arr)-- still love this song, and I think they do too!

Jesus Saves! (Travis Cottrell song)--introducing this one this week. We'll do it a bunch for the Christmas season. Great song, great Trax Dave!--ended it with the chorus of the hymn (We Have Heard The Joyful Sound) Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves!

Morning Message-DEFINING CHURCH (Ed Ethridge)

Nothing But The Blood (Redman)---a modern version of the old hymn, good contrast. hadn't sung this one in a long time too.

Big Enough God (Riddle)--from our Jonah series. I'm always surprised how a song we've sung a lot in one season can sit for a while and come back so fresh to the worship experience.


Video out...

How was your Sunday?

Christmas Belles Are Ringing At The Ritz Community Theater

Rehearsals have begun for our Christmas production at THE RITZ COMMUNITY THEATER. We're doing Christmas Belles--a Southern comedy about 3 sisters in a small Texas town.

Here's what the website says about the play.
In Christmas Belles, a church Christmas pageant spins wildly out of control as three squabbling sisters try to reign in the mayhem. Amidst an ailing Santa, a vengeful sheep, and a reluctant Elvis impersonator, a family secret emerges that just might derail the entire production. And on top of everything else, the pageant will be shown live on cable access television for the first time ever. Christmas Belles will bring joy to your world!

We've got a great cast assembled for the play. Three of them have never been in a play at The Ritz. Four have been in recent productions and two are returning after several years away from the stage.

We're in rehearsals now. These pics are from other companies that have produced the show. We'll have some of our own up soon. Mark the dates-December 4-6 and Dec. 11-13 here in Snyder.

Worship Confessional, October 18, 2009

It was an interesting day. It began with an early morning phone call from my drummer that he and his family have been battling the "crud" this weekend (the flu is making it's rounds here). I thought--we have two very "rhythm" songs this morning, what do I do? I thought about punting and rewriting the set, but didn't feel a peace about that--so decided to stay the course.

I found my old Alesis SR16 drum machine in the closet and brought it out. I used to use this thing a lot when I first began doing contemporary worship in churches that didn't have good drummers (I've been blessed with good drummers for a while now). I remember now how much I felt like a one man band when I was having to hit the drum pedal for the fills and patterns. Yes, I can pat my tummy and rub my head at the same time too!

Anyway--we got through it. Here's the run down for today.

Set List

Pass It On (Walker) A repeat from a couple of weeks ago. Still love love love this song!

Come Now Is The Time To Worship-- good accoustic song to do without the drummer today--thanks Lord for scheduling this.


Holy Holy Holy w/We Fall Down --Worship choir (Brentwood Benson)

Video--He Is With You

For Your Glory (Maher) I've loved this song since it came out on PCD album and then Matt put it on his EMPTY AND BEAUTIFUL cd. I've been holding on to this one for a while and scheduled it back in the summer. The above video just worked perfect with it. Besides, Ecc. 3 is my life verse passage!

Glorify Your Name (Kevin Singleton)--This was the Lakewood version--although we had used the Christ Church version back in 2006. I was reminded this week of the power of this song... wow, if you haven't used it--DO!

Interview with one of our Children's Worship Arts Kids--we were studying about Fanny Crosby the other night and we sang TO GOD BE THE GLORY this morning. I asked Antonio about Fanny Crosby and how many songs she wrote, etc.

To God Be The Glory (Hymncharts.com arr) Good upbeat arr... different chord structure gave it a fresh sound.

Morning Message--Happiness Is... Wayne Knox, one of our laymen, preached today. We have two more interim candidates coming in the next two weeks.

Be Unto Your Name (DeShazo) Great flute part on this one!!

Elder Update

For Your Glory (out)

How was your Sunday?

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog. Fred just got back from Peru on a COMPASSION trip. Be sure and read his stories of the wonder things he saw there.

BAD DAY AT GOPHER'S BREATH--Ritz Theater Fall production

Today was the final performance of BAD DAY AT GOPHERS BREATH (Samuel French) a western farce. It was the first time that my wife and I have been on stage together (me as BARKEEP and her as TEMPERANCE LADY). We certainly had fun.

The Ritz Community Theater here is an all volunteer organization. I'm privileged to be on the Board of Directors and to have had the chance to direct a play here (UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE) and will direct the next one (CHRISTMAS BELLES). All that fun begins tomorrow night with the first read through of the cast.

My entire family has been on stage here at The Ritz. I'm grateful for a place where we can all plug in and add to the culture of our community.

Worship Confessional, October 11, 2009

Today was another good day of worship. Even though it was cold out side and attendance was down, I feel that we really worshiped! Word was good--worship was good. I'm so thankful for days like this.

Set List

Scripture Reading--Psalm 85--" Will you not revive us again?"

Revive Us Again (G3 Worship)--second week for this updated hymn

Scripture Reading--Psalm 118--"Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures forever"

Forever (Tomlin)--good energy on this one.

Welcome/Announcements/ Offering

Choir---WORD OF GOD SPEAK (Brentwood-Benson 30 MINUTE CHOIR)

Scripture Reading--Isaiah 11-"The tender shoot from Jesse's root"
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)-they are quickly coming to love this one!

Scripture Reading--Isaiah 63---"He is mighty to save"

Mighty To Save/The Stand (Hillsong)

Morning Message---"Dirt Check"--by Jeremiah Boatright (Matt 13: 1-23) A great word from Jeremiah about the soil and the seed and the condition of our hearts to receive God's stirring in our lives.

Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)

Elder closes

Out-Your Name (Baloche)

How was your Sunday? What songs did you sing?

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog.

White Buffalo 5K

It's been a week since the 5K White Buffalo Run here in Snyder. I thought I'd post some pics from the event. My son, Daniel, and I ran in the race. He got first place in his division! Way to go Daniel with a time of 28:22! It was his first time to run and he's begging to go with me every morning (we'll see about that since he's usually a grump in the morning)

I got nothing--although I do have a picture of me beating the third place guy by a good 5-10 yards. My time was 32:17 and his was 32:22. Oh well, victory is sweet in the mind of the winner.

Next on our agenda is the Turkey Trot in FW on Thanksgiving Morning. It's a 10K--so I'm going to have to start hitting the trail again and move it up a notch.

A year ago this was only a dream. I had run before but it's been a long time and I didn't know if I had it in me! Little by little, day by day I challenged myself to go a little further. You can do it too if you set your mind to it and discipline yourself.

And The Balloons... They Didn't Fly

We made the trek to Albquerque this morning at 4:45 AM to see the Balloons launch at the Fiesta. About half way there a light rain began to fall and I knew we might be in trouble. A stop at a local grocery story didn't fare much better as the cashier told me she thought they had already been cancelled.

We made it to the park and rode the shuttle down to the area and unpacked all our gear only to hear "No flights this morning because of the rain". We were disappointed, but then the weather turned even worse with lightening and heavy downpours.
We consoled ourselves at Cracker Barrell and then made our way to the Old Town area for some shopping and sight seeing.
A long day--but a fun day was had by all.

Pastors!--Shape Up or Ship Out!

(Disclaimer: I am writing this note to fellow pastors, but also to remind myself where I've come from and where I don't want to return to)

Pastors! Shape up or ship out! That's how I feel today after talking to an insurance rep today who said "Pastors are some of the most out of shape people--and other pastors are paying for it"

Obesity in the ministry has risen to new heights. Just take a look at a religious paper or magazine and you'll see people who are overweight, out of shape and headed for physical ruin.

I write this note because I'm pointing fingers, but because I was one of them. This time last year I was sporting some 50 pounds of blubber, heavier and out of breath. By God's grace I've been able to overcome that and now feel better about myself, my ministry and my future. All I'm saying is if I can do it you can do it too.

Here are some steps to take:
1. Determine that you are going to change. You have the Holy Spirit to help you! Ask for the Lord's help.
2. Make a plan--join weight watchers, write down you food intake in a journal, log into an exercise website to keep you accountable ( I use http://411fit.uncc.edu)
3. Make some goals--start small and attainable. Make them measurable and able to be accomplished. Little goals add up to larger goals.
4. Announce your plans to a group--they'll keep you accountable.
5. Make it part of your discipline--you do it spiritually, why not do it physically!
6. Exercise--walk (everyone can walk) and then build up to something you love to do ( I love to run!)

Most of the cost of insurance for ministers doesn't go to help the healthy, it goes to those who have yet to claim their part in their health by keeping their body presentable to God's service. I read today that ministers may not struggle with earthly things, but they may substitute food for those other earthly lusts which so easily entangle. Food can become an addiction if we're not careful.

So, pastors (all pastors) Shape up! Your congregation will love you for it and we'll all benefit from healthier pastors.

Worship Confessional, October 4, 2009

We opened with the above video this morning. I got it from Worship House Media

Video Opener--Now Is The Time
To God Be The Glory--(Smith) My friend, Rich Smith, has done this slower arrangement of To God Be The Glory--it's great. I wish he would record it!

Pass It On (Walker)--I've been waiting to do this one--I love this song. And no-it's not the 1970 version of "It only takes a spark!"


My Savior, My God (Choir--Brentwood Benson book-30 Minute Choir). Ok, so our track didn't fire and we waited an awkward minute or so before I had to jump back to the piano to play it. I was just praying the book would stay open. And it did, but I kinda messed up the repeat to the chorus. Oh well-the choir sounded SMASHING!

Revive Us Again(G3 Worship)-- a hipped up arrangement of this standard hymn!

Scripture Reading (Isaiah 53). I've been listening to Daily Audio Bible as I run in the mornings. We've been in Isaiah for a while. I never knew how beautiful the book was until I listened to it being read. One day last week Isaiah 53 was the passage and it reminded me of Jesus Messiah!

Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)-- 2nd week on this one. We pulled back today on it. More accoustic and no track so the people could really sing it.

Morning Message -Robbie Boyd Robbie did a creative element within his sermon as we illustrated the story of Abraham and Isaac with two live actors in the sermon.

I Surrender All (Hymncharts)--great arrangement

Introduction of New Members

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog

This Video Blew Me Away

While purchasing some media the other day, I happened across this video. Did you watch it? Did it have an impact on you?

What a simple truth told through Coke? I'm blown away by this truth! God gives to us in proportion to what we need and what he wants to accomplish in our lives. How true it is that we always compare what God gives to someone else and wonder why he doesn't do the same thing in our lives.

Maybe I can't see what God is doing in my life because I'm fixated on the size gift he's given everyone else. As the last line in the video says "If this is all you see, then you'll never see what I've given to you" Wow!

What do you think?