Just Another New Year's Eve

Don't look so sad,
It's not so bad you know.
It's just another night,
That's all it is, it's not the first,
It's not the worst you know,
We've come through all the rest,
We'll get through this.
We've made mistakes,
But we've made good friends too.
Remember all the nights we spent with them?
And all our plans,
Who says they can't come true?
Tonight's another chance to start again.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
Let's make it the best.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
It's just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we're through this New Year
You'll see, will be
Just fine.
We're not alone, we've got the world you know.
And it won't let us down, just wait and see.
And we'll grow old, but think how wise we'll grow.
There's more you know, it's only New Year's Eve.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
Let's make it the best.
It's just another New Year's Eve,
It's just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we're through this New Year, you'll see, will be
Just fine.

Just another New Year's eve...sitting here looking back and looking forward to what is yet to come. I spent some time this afternoon looking back over the year and honestly there are parts of 2009 that I would do over and over again, and conversely there are parts that I'm glad only came once during this year.

What will 2010 hold? Only the good Lord knows and I'm ok with that. I'll just trust him to get me through, around, or over whatever is coming my way.

Happy New Year~

Going Home!

My girls were bored yesterday when we were back at my boyhood home for family Christmas. They are of the age now when they can drive around town and so they went on a picture chase.

I just love this picture! Mattie is standing in front of my boyhood home (609 7th Street). Mom sold the house in 2003 but we can't help drive by it each time we're home and tell the story of how 7 of us piled into and lived in this 1300 sq foot home. I'm still amazed that we did that.

The home has been refurbished and sold twice since Mom let go of it, but it will never measure up in the memory area to the occupants who lived here for 36 years!

Mom always said "Wear clean underwear!"

My mom used to always tell me "wear clean underwear, in case you are in an accident. That way when you go to the emergency room you won't be embarrased."

Wisdom, huh? Wonder if the bomber from the NWA flight from Christmas day took the same advice from his mom? How would you like to have your undergarments pasted across the web and ABC news?

It'll make ya think before you go out again!

Resolution Run

It's not even Jan. 1 yet, but I've signed up for this Saturday's Resolution Run at the Sandhills State Park in Monahans. I sure hope that the wind ain't a blowin'.

Here's a video that gives you an idea of the terrain. Daniel is running it too. We'll see if he can keep his record (of winning something in every race that he has entered).

I'm inspired by BORN TO RUN and ready to get out there and get going in 2010. You'll see quotes from this book from me in 2010. It has revolutionized my thinking on running

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday! Yippee! I'm 46 today (ok, now I'm not saying Yipee!!)

This is me and my twin brother, Jon. We're spending the day together with he and his family and the rest of my immediate family.

It's funny being 46--I still remember being 6! My how time flies.

Oh well, Happy Birthday to me!

Worship Confessional, December 27, 2009

This is a Worship Confessional for December 27, 2009--but I didn't lead it . I was on vacation and celebrating my birthday!

Set List

Scripture Reading (Responsive)

O Come All Ye Faithful (Tomlin)


Video--A Prayer For The New Year (Worship House Media)

Offering (Baloche)--always a favorite!

Come and See (G3Worship)

Agnus Dei (G3 Worship)

Morning Message --Robbie Boyd

Hark The Herald (Tomlin)

Announcing New Members


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Sign Me Up--Cowtown Half-Marathon Here I Come

One of the ways I've stayed motivated in my exercise program is to set goals and events to shoot for. I planned for the White Buffalo 5K in October, the Turkey Trot in Fort Worth in November, and today, I signed up for the COWTOWN MARATHON (half) in February. I did it and I'm committed to 13.1 miles in 2010.

This is a huge accomplishment given that the last time I ran in the Cowtown in 2003 I was trying a 10k and I swore then I would never do anything like this again. Well, here's to eating those words.

I'm on track to do it---keep me motivated folks!

Christmas--This Time Won't Last

It became real to me last night that our Christmas celebrations are changing (or will quickly be doing so). The kids have all grown up and in the past I've noticed that the older ones didn't have much in common with the younger ones.

However, last night as the adults gathered around the table I noticed that all of the kids had gathered around the center island of the kitchen and were carrying on and laughing. Later on when the conversation flipped and the adults were at the island, the kids took over the table and the desserts.

I told the kids today to enjoy these days. The time is coming (very quickly) when it will be hard for 5 families to get together and spend Christmas Day together. There will be additions to the family with new sons and daughters in law and invariably there will be absences with some (even this year we were missing some) and so Christmas is changing. Makes me sad, but also is a reality check to enjoy the day and the moments that you have with these family members.

I look forward to the day when my kids come home with their families for Christmas (not yet!) and we'll make our own Christmas memories. But for now, this is Christmas in my family.

How was your Christmas?

Nothing As Exciting As This Happened At Our Christmas Eve Service

Pope Benedict was tackeld in the Nave of St. Peter's today on his way to the altar.

Nothing as exciting as this happened at our Christmas eve service? Did yours?

Worship Confessional, Christmas Eve 2009

Here is our list from Christmas eve tonight. We had a white Christmas with about 2-3 inches of snow!

Never underestimate what a little snow can do. We've had electricity brown outs beginning about 2 AM this morning (which by the way knocked the server down at the church and thus disconnected the Media Shout from the server! So--we had to recreate the service at 4PM--Yikes) All sorts of other technical issues that I wish hadn't happened--but they do. I thought this year was going to be stress free--but I walked out and my heart was racing about 120-125 a minute!) Missing several from our program (calls all afternoon from people that were scheduled but couldn't come). I felt like a one man band or Honey Ray Futrelle (the character from Christmas Belles)--"Wise man down, Wise man down! I'm going on!"

Set List:

O Come All Ye Faithful (Pre service)

Video: Four Words

Angels We Have Heard On High (Tomlin arr.)


Hark The Herald (Travis Cottrell)

In The First Light (Travis Cottrell)

Advent Reading (The Christ Candle)

Carol Medley (Hymn Charts)
O Little Town
What Child Is This
Away In A Manger
Silent Night

Message (Robbie Boyd)

Lord's Supper

O Holy Night (Tomlin)


My Soul Magnifies The Lord (Tomlin)

I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas

We awoke to a 2-3" dusting of snow this morning. It really put us in the Christmas mood.

Here in West Texas it is not unusual to have snow at Christmas, but it only comes in cycles (I guess we are in an El Nino year) when the Jet stream dips to the south.

It's melting pretty good here this afternoon, so the only memory of it will be in the grasses by this evening. Anyway, it was a nice Christmas surprise.

Bah Humbug!! Senate Gives Us Scrooge For Christmas

In what can only be described as a "typical" act of Congress, the Senate met early this morning in Washington DC to deliver to America a gift that it didn't ask for (or did it?) when it passed the Health Care reform bill that was only released last Saturday.

Never in all of my years have I seen a bill so fast tracked and shoved down the throats of the American people. The very thing that Democrats cry foul on when they are not in power is the same thing or worse that they do when they are in power. My mantra has been and will be--throw all of Congress out and start over.

I heard on the radio yesterday that Congress has lost the understanding that they serve the people and not vice versa. Here's hoping that in 2010 the message to Congress is delivered in the polls with swift retrobution for what they have done to the United States of America.

God help us everyone! I know it's "God bless us everyone, but girl this is the United States and we need all the help we can get" (these last words were lines from our play Christmas Belles, but I thought they applied here)

Bah humbug!!!!

Top 10 Songs For 2009--FBC Snyder

So, it's that time of the year again where you look back at what you planned and what actually happened. Yesterday (20th) was the last Sunday in 2009 I'll lead (I'm off for my birthday next week).
It's interesting to look back at the list of songs that you planned. So many of them were given to us to use in a season that we had no idea that we would be going through (loss of Senior Pastor and staff) and looking back at this list makes me thankful that the Lord gives the songs in those seasons.
Here they are. Let me know which one was your favorite.

#10 I Will Sing of My Redeemer (You Set Me Free) (Travis Cottrell) We love the combination of the old hymn and a new chorus. This one was a winner!

#9 How Great Thou Art (Baloche) This arrangement is fresh and new. We still love HGTA!

#8 Here I Am To Worship--still a favorite

#7 Grace Greater Than Our Sin (Rich Smith) My friend Rich has done a great "Calypso"type of arrangement of this old hymn. Our congregation loves it and sings it loud.

#6 Today Is The Day

#5 To God Be The Glory (Rich Smith)

#4 The Stand

#3 Mighty To Save

#2 Jesus Saves (Travis Cottrell) A simple song that I heard back in February at Recreate would magically spark the true meaning of Christmas --way back in October when I introduced it. It all made sense yesterday when member of the church came up to me with tears in her eyes. She said " Of all the songs this year, this one is my favorite!"

#1 Big Enough God (Jenny Riddle) A song simply chosen for a series in Jonah would lead us in a time of transition and confusion. Thanks Jenny for these amazing words.

What were your top songs in 2009?
Here we go again....

I've signed on to direct another play at The Ritz Community Theatre here in Snyder. EXIT THE KING will be Feb. 12-14 and Feb. 19-21.

You can read a little more about the play here and you can watch a little of the You Tube version here.

Auditions are Tuesday night in the Ritz Annex (just behind the theater).

It's gonna be a wild ride! Can't wait to start with a group of artists on this journey!

Worship Confessional, December 20, 2009

Christmas is slowly winding down. All that's left now is Christmas eve.
I love Christmas--I truly do, but at some point in a Minister of Music's life you have lived with Christmas since June and you get a little tired of it. I'm almost there. It's a shame at the pinnacle of the season I'm ready to move on to something else. I guess that is just the spoils of being a leader. You know what is coming ahead and by the time everyone else experiences it, you are already past that moment. Maybe when I retire I can really really enjoy Christmas, and Easter.. in their seasons.

Set List

In The First Light (Travis Cottrell Arr.) This little three set book from Brentwood Benson has been a challenge. The orchestrations are tough to get a hold of but the choir has handled it well. We've combined the Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir for this season. Just Christmas eve left and we'll be back to normal. Good job choir!

The Glorious Impossible (Carl Cartee) Last time for this song. It's been a great song for the season. Just good theology here!

Welcome/Announcements/Offering (our missionaries from Guatemala were home and presented the church with a plaque from the orphanage in Guatemala that they work with)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) Tomlin song which has been our theme for Advent.

O Holy Night (Tomlin arr)--did the Tomlin arrangement. I think it went well. (Kim Bontrager--no legging arrangement here!)

Advent Reading (Candle of Peace)

Winter Snow (Audrey Assad) I've been looking forward to doing this song. Sarah did a great job on this one and I think that it fit with the theme of PEACE

Morning Message--Conclusion of the Christmas Is series. Ed has done a great job with the series explaining the meaning of Christmas, and it's more than just shepherds and wisemen and gifts!

Hark The Herald (Tomlin arr) such a simple way to close the service today

(and at that point my in ear monitors died and I knew we were done)

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How was your Sunday?

Lottie Moon--Do You Help Her?

At this time of the year in every Southern Baptist Church , there is an emphasis on the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. This is the annual time of the year when SBC churches focus on Foreign Missions (Global efforts outside the US) and this offering funds the entire International Mission Board efforts around the globe. It's all named for a tiny lady missionary Charlotte (Lottie) Diggs Moon.

We show videos for Lottie Moon each year. This church decided to do it's own--maybe I should have shown this one last week instead of the 'snoozer' that I chose from the IMB. I don't know--calling Lottie a "hottie" might now have gone over well. But, give these guys a for effort and creativity in trying to teach their students about Lottie.

The joke in circles is "we've been paying for Lottie for years, haven't we paid her off by now" (that's an actual joke). Our church will give 38% of it's Partnership Offering to Lottie this year. That's the single biggest mission gift we give. And it's worth it.

Worship Confessional, December 13, 2009

Another crazy week, and here I am just now posting this confessional. The play is over, so things should slow down around here. No, wait, here comes Christmas! It never stops.

This week was a challenge, but we made it. Several of our regulars were out (sound, instrumental, etc).

Set List:

Hark The Herald (Travis Cottrell) Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir

Angels We Have Heard On High (Tomlin)--No tracks this week so we were kinda thin in sound.

The Glorious Impossible (Cartee) I think they like this one

Open The Eyes of My Heart (Baloche) This one just seem to flow out of Glorious Impossible--and in the same key of E!

Welcome/Announcements/ Offering

Missions Video---We support Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and I love to show these videos--but this one seemed a little dry and out of place

Born That We May Have Life-(Tomlin) This one started out rough...my mic died during the video and we had to make a quick adjustment. We had to start over--just have to do that sometimes.

O Come All Ye Faithful

My Soul Magnifies The Lord (Tomlin)---had wanted to introduce this one earlier in the season, but it got cut the previous two weeks. I thought them the chorus first and then we sang

Advent Reading (The Candle of Joy)

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)---did this one a little more subdued and accoustic. I think they like this one too. Worked well since Ed's sermon was basically a salvation message.

Message: Christmas Is... The Suffering Savior

Jesus Paid It All (Hymn)---change up at the last minute--just went back to this old hymn as we closed out because it fit.

It was a good day. One of the cast members from our play made a profession of faith. What a great way to head to the theater for the last performance. That's the whole reason we are over at the theater--to meet and reach people!

How was your Sunday?

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Here's the cast photo from CHRISTMAS BELLES! I think it's the best!

Only three shows left--Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Call the Ritz to make your reservations! (573-8880)

We're planning to do the follow up of this play in the Spring.

Worship Confessional, December 6, 2009

It has been a crazy week with the opening of Christmas Belles at The Ritz, Annual Meeting and other things. I'm just now coming up for air enough to write this post. I had intended to write it early, but a 4 AM wake up on Sunday morning with things to get done for the day kept me from it.

Have you ever had one of those Sundays where you just wanted to skip. The music was going to be a challenge not to mention the schedule of the day (event backed up to event). This was my Sunday. We were doing some pretty challenging stuff Sunday and I knew we were going to have to work at it. We struggled through rehearsal with some issues and I just wanted it to be noon and be done. But something in my soul reminded me that on days like this, this is when the Lord shows off. We concluded the rehearsal with a prayer time submitting all of this to God. It worked.

I've heard from people all week long how the worship service blessed them. I just give the Lord the credit for it all. Just when we think we can't--He can!

Set List:

Ring The Bells (Ronnie Freeman) This one is off of the Travis Cottrell Christmas album last year. David did a killer backing track, we added 4 handbells on the chorus and we were off! Worked well

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (Accapella) We did the version from "GLORY IN THE HIGHEST"---again, worked well

Advent Reading--Candle of Love

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (from Ring The Bells Album) This exciting version from Travis Cottrell's Christmas album. We combined the Worship Choir and Sr. Adult Choir for this.

Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy)---Tomlin's song is exciting. We had to lower the key to get in the chorus (and we still might have to lower it again) But it worked well.



Video for Lottie Moon (Foreign Missions Offering)

The Glorious Impossible (Carl Cartee)--Second week for this song. People are beginning to like it

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger)--Tomlin song again this week. Again, I think they're catching on to it.

Emmanuel (Bob Mc Gee)---Threw in the old chorus of EMMANUEL--it just seemed to fit!

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge (Christmas Is....)

Jesus Saves (Travis Cottrell)----This was the odd one for me... it's just a power song, it seemed kind of out of place at the end. We've done it a lot lately so maybe it has lost it's magic for me.


How was your Sunday?

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CHRISTMAS BELLES--Production Week At The Ritz

It's production week at The Ritz as we get ready to open this weekend for CHRISTMAS BELLES.

This week is full of last minute details (lights, music, finishing touches on the set) and late night rehearsals.

Look for more this week as we progress. It's been a lot of fun--and there's more to come.

Worship Confessional, November 29, 2009

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Sunday after Thanksgiving is always kind of awkward. We already set up Thanksgiving last week with the pre-Thanksgiving worship and now this weekend, Advent and Christmas are beginning. We have a little overlap this week as the Christmas decor is up but we finish the 30 Days series today. Oh well.

Busy day again today for me. Two services, then a funeral, then a rehearsal for banquet tomorrow night and then to the theater around the corner to get ready for our show with the local community theater this week. Here goes the roller coaster.

Set List
Thank You Lord (Moen/Balcohe)--Nothing like a little country after Thanksgiving. This one moved!

Today Is The Day (Brewster)--Ok, this is the last time we'll do this one for a while. It's been on our list for the fall and I think we've worn the tread off of it. Good song--just time to sit it down for a while.

Welcome/Offertory Prayer

The Glorious Impossible (Cartee) I've been waiting to do this song since February when I heard it at RECREATE. Great song--great theology. The incarnation is the glorious impossible!

Advent Reading--The Candle of Hope
Jeremiah 33:14-16
Yes, even Southern Baptist observe Advent! We began our journey today with our Children's Arts kids leading us in worship... nothing like putting into practice what we've been doing with them all semester (teaching them to be worship leaders). We handed out an Advent Reading schedule so families have scriptures to read each day. We'll start our family devotionals tonight with our advent calendar. If you have never done anything like this, I challenge you to do it. Our kids really enjoy the family time together each night as we read and anticipate the Christmas story.

O Come O Come Emmanuel (Praise Charts)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) (Tomlin) When I heard this song I knew that we were going to have to do this one during Christmas. We taught it today, but it will come back each service as our response to Advent.

Morning Message (Ed Ethridge)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) (Reprise) (Didn't Do)
Shout To The Lord (addition after I heard the pastor speak)--worked well.


My Soul Magnifies The Lord (Tomlin) (Didn't do---punted until next week on this one)

Thank You Lord (reprise) (after the sermon on Shouting joyfully to God)

How was your Sunday?

Black Friday Photos

Well, it's come and gone--BLACK FRIDAY 2009. We did our annual thing of getting up @ 3:15 and heading to TARGET first. We actually thought they opened at 4 last year (it was 5) so we were there before 4 last year and got a great spot. This year we knew it was 5 and got there around 4:30--so we were at the back of the line. But--we got in anyway.

We always enjoy being in line and watching the different people (they come in all shapes and
sizes and at that time of the morning all kinds of dress). It makes the time pass fast when we do that.

After our Target run--then it's off to Wally World and finally to LaMadeline for our annual breakfast. Ah, what sweet reward and by this time we're getting sleepy again.
We made our way to a mall and this year, it didn't seem too crowded. I think the seriousness of this economy is really setting in.

Finally picked up Daniel's trophy for being 3rd in his division in the Turkey Trot. He was so excited. This makes 2 races and 2 trophies now. I think he's beginning to expect it.

So much for Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving--Time For A Thoughtful Movie

We intended to go to THE BLIND SIDE this weekend, however, we got to the theater too late to see the show (actually it was already sold out) so we settled on going back to the hotel to rest and maybe catch a movie there.

When we were flipping channels we landed on LARS and THE REAL GIRL. It seemed to be a quirky mystery at first (and our suspicions were up that he was some sort of serial killer living in the garage). However, the hook was in and we were all watching with anticipation the next scene of this movie.

If you haven't seen this movie, you must. It came out in 2007, so it's definitely going to be in the older section of the movie store.

This movie so marvelously portrays the meaning of community as Lar's family and church family come together to see him through this delusion. Granted, not all mental illnesses can be treated in such a way, but the greater picture is a loving community coming together out of love for Lars (and for Christ) to see him through to health. That was our family conversation just after the film was over.

One Hollywood writer wrote "it makes you want to live in a community like this?" Isn't that something? Hollywood is wondering where they can find community like this--and we know the answer. Why don't we live it out and show them where to find it.

A Day To Be Thankful

Yesterday was one of the most majestic days of my life. We awoke early to get ready for the race (we already picked up our packet and shirts)

Arriving at the race the energy level was exciting as more than 12,000 racers gathered in the area. Representing 49 states and 300 cities, the group was congenial but competitive.

The route took us through tree-lined streets of homes that we most likely built in 1930-40 era. The neighbors greeted us as the end of their drive ways as they drank their morning coffee and gathered with family and friends.

I thought to myself as I ran "This is America!" Where neighbors and families gather on this day to be thankful and cheer on those who are running. The kids played in the yards in anticipation of the days events and other runners cheered on each other as the race ended.

Daniel did extremely well--taking 3rd place in his division and besting his 5K time from October. I think maybe the running bug has hit him. I beat my 5K time by 37 seconds and came in 67th in my age bracket but 700'th overall out of the 12K runners. So--not bad.

Monday begins the training for the Half-Marathon in February. We'll work in a fun run in December and
one in January to keep us motivated and on task.

It was truly a day to be thankful.


I love Fort Worth! Such a small town feeling with a big town presence. It has everything a big city want and still has the feeling of small town America.

It has culture without being "snobby". It has progress without being "destructive". It has charm without the feeling of being stuck in the past.

Tomorrow we'll run the FW Turkey Trot through the tree lined streets of the Camp Bowie area.
What a treat it will be to run through this area and just pretend that I live here. And I really think that I could live here in this area...maybe thoughts of retirement dance through my head.

There is a world of difference between Dallas and Fort Worth. I've lived in both. But right now, I might just choose Foat Wurth!

Worship Confessional, November 22, 2009

Only 1 service today. We combined both services together for a Thanksgiving service. Our Worship Choir/Sr. Adult choir joined together for a song. Afterwards we did what all good Baptist do...Eat!

A very busy day--after the meal the Christmas decorations went up and then rehearsal with the Children's Worship Arts Kids who will lead in worship at the Annual Meeting on Dec. 6th. Can it get any crazier?
Set List:
Scripture Reading--Psalm 146
The Lord Reigns (Gateway)
Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King (Gateway)
Video--God Pie

Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir--How Great Is Our God (Brentwood 30 Minute Book)
Faith Weaver Friends --Kids singing 1 song from Faith Weavers
Beauty of the Earth (Dyer)
You Have Been So Good (Baloche)
Morning Message--"Give Thanks"--Ed Ethridge
What Can I Do --(Baloche)
You Gave Your Live Away (Baloche)

How was your Sunday?

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Worship Confessional, November15,2009

We're in the middle of this series called "30 Days of Thankfulness"--it's a time to count our blessings and we'll also have our catch up offering for our budget. Today our interim teaching pastor starts--yea! We've been 16 weeks with different speakers--it will be nice to start a run with a consistent speaker each week (at least for me!)

Song Set:

Here I Am Again (Tommy Walker)--I just love Tommy Walker (he has a new album coming out this week) and this song is just a song of thanks and praise.


"Here I Am To Worship/Draw Me Close"--Worship Choir (Brentwood-Benson 30 Minute Choir book)

Video on giving

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)--again, one of my fave new songs and from the comments that I've heard from folks, its quickly becoming a fave with them too.

Scripture Reading--Psalm 136-"Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures forever"

For The Beauty of The Earth (Dyer/Horness)--from the Willow Creek album back in 2002/2003. We sing this song every thanksgiving. The words are the original, but the tune is fresh and contemporary.

You Have Been So Good (Baloche)--Our theme song for the series. I just about lost it on this one as I looked out and saw people just standing there worshiping the Lord. One man who faces his divorce tomorrow; another who is dealing with cancer. They were lost in worship as they sang "You have been so good to me---" Wow! a really emotional moment for me--I didn't know if I could finish it.

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge (our new interim teaching pastor)

I Will Rise (Tomlin)--haven't done this one since March, but it was new then. I think by now people have heard it and sang it well.

Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)--ditto.

How was your Sunday?

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Worship Confessional, November 8, 2009

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog

We tried something different today. Instead of tacking the Lord's Supper on the end, or in the middle or somewhere else, we made it the whole service today. It was very different.

I think people get used to the order of service--two fast songs, announce--offering, song, message--etc. We didn't do it that way this week

Welcome/Announcements--started it off with instructions about the day. Only down side was there was no Official greeting-but maybe we can go a week without that.

Set up Lord's supper service---instructions/teaching about the background of the Lord's supper.

Psalm 100--Congregation Reading--good reading by the congregation--this Psalm would come back later in the sermon about the "psalm they sang" after the supper.

Today Is The Day (Brewster)--good energy here!

Pass It On (Walker)--just a reaffirmation of the Lord's faithfulness to all generations as Psalm 100 said!

Set up The Bread

Worship Choir--Breathe (small but passionate group this morning singing--we had some out with sickness) It was the perfect song to sing after the teaching about the bread.

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)--one of my faves and quickly becoming a fave among the team. David has done such a passionate backing track to this one.

When I Think About The Lord- this is where it really came alive--people singing, and shouting Halleujah! Thank You Jesus!. We haven't done this one in a while.

Set Up The Cup--we had 5 stations around the sanctuary where people came to get the bread and cup.

Remembrance (Maher/Redman)--this is on Matt Maher's new cd and the first time I heard it I knew that I wanted to use it for Communion. Used it in both services...such a powerful message that remembrance leads to worship and worship to communion!

You Have Been So Good (Baloche)--taught this one last week. It was a good response after the commuion!



What Can I Do (Baloche)--another good closer

Elder-Closing Prayer

How was your Sunday?

Bullies On The Playground (Democratic Style)

I find it ironic that the very ones running this Health Care Bill through congress were the one who were "squeeling" when the Republicans were in charge and claimed that "this administration is trying to hide something from us".

The false claims of the Democrats to be transparent and open are now seen. What these greedy "bullies on the playground" have seen is "get it now or don't ever get it!" There is no concern for America that we have known, only the America imagined in the mind of a few leftist, socialists who want America to be more "European"

And so, now the ones who cry foul are indeed the perps of "freedom stealing"--hiding the bills specifics, holding meetings on the weekends so that the major news won't cover it (specifically talk radio) and other "cold war era" tactics. Nancy Pelosi makes me want to scream!

Watching this mess on CSPAN has just made my blood boil this afternoon. It's time for the PEOPLE of THE US to stand up to the aristocrats in Washington and say "This is our country--we the people want the prinicples of the Constitution upheld". We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people! Remember that!

Who is with me? Throw the bums out and start all over... I'm sure there are people who can do a better job than the clowns we have in there now!

Election Night 2009--One Year Later

It's Election night 2009 and though there is less hype and hyperbole about this election than last, it would be a mistake if we didn't take a pause and say to ourselves, "Are we better off 1 year later?".

This post isn't aimed at Obama (though you probably know that I didn't vote for him) instead it is aimed more at American leadership (specifically Congress and The President) and those who have been called to steward our country.

One year ago we were promised change--today we have chaos. Instead of stabilizing the country, the suspected socialist agenda has emerged as we suspected and it seems more virulent and nasty than we had expected.

Spending on the government level has gone from absurd to stupid in the amounts given out to anyone and everyone who stuck their hand into the money bag. And there seems to be no end to the silly things that government does in the name of resurrecting an economy that seems to get more sick with more medicine coming from government.

We were promised an era of hope--what we've got is a garden of fear and uncertainty. We were promised protection--what we have is a government that is making America weak by the concessions that we are giving to other nations in the name of being more peaceful! We don't belong to the UN!!! WE ARE THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

We were promised tax breaks for those making less than... blah, blah, blah and what we have now is an attack on the middle american who suddenly has become the rich man in order to pay for everyone to have everything they've ever wanted from government. We have taxation without represenation because the representation has lost its concern for the republic for which it stands. These representatives, face it, are more concerned about themselves and those who paid their way there!

So--looking back on Election 2009, it's a time to say.. ARE YOU BETTER OFF THIS YEAR THAN YOU WERE LAST?

Worship Confessional, November 1, 2009

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We kicked off the series 30 Days of Thankfulness today

I really didn't intend to plan an all BALOCHE Sunday, but that's the way it worked this week. I just love his music (and so does our church). We had a great day of worship. As I look back, this service was planned back in the Spring. Just this one day had everything done and everything before it was empty and everything behind it undone. Don't know why I just filled out this day back in the Spring. I guess the Spirit knew what we needed on this day--way back then.

Set List

Thanksgiving Grace Video-Opener

New Doxology-(Gateway)

Hosanna (Baloche)

Scripture Reading (Psalm 98) NLT--Read responsively--SHOUT TO THE LORD!!!

The Lord Reigns-(Gateway)


You Have Been So Good (Baloche) Good introduction of this song that we'll be singing for the 30 Days series.

How Great Thou Art (Baloce arr.)--wow! They sang and sang on this one!

Morning Message--George Ray (His sermon was about the presence of God in our lives--fit well with the song YOU HAVE BEEN SO GOOD that says "for your constance presence here with me")

What Can I Do (Baloche)

Wonderful, Merciful Savior

How was your Sunday?

Worship Confessional, October 25, 2009

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog

What a difference a week makes. Had everyone back (but my flute player who was sick--Marie, we missed you) and had the full contingent of the Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir.

Other than a technical glitch with the backing trax, it all went well. We had another Interim pastor prospect preach this week. Hopefull we'll get that settled in a week or so.

Set List:
Are You Washed In The Blood (Brentwood-Benson 30 Minute Choir) Great to have both choir groups together on this song.

Nothing But The Blood (G3 Worship arr)--good up tempo version of this hymn. We hadn't done this one in a while.

Beautiful The Blood (G3 Worship arr). Steve Fee song that we hadn't done before. It fit will with the opening theme.


Jesus Messiah (G3Worship Arr)-- still love this song, and I think they do too!

Jesus Saves! (Travis Cottrell song)--introducing this one this week. We'll do it a bunch for the Christmas season. Great song, great Trax Dave!--ended it with the chorus of the hymn (We Have Heard The Joyful Sound) Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves!

Morning Message-DEFINING CHURCH (Ed Ethridge)

Nothing But The Blood (Redman)---a modern version of the old hymn, good contrast. hadn't sung this one in a long time too.

Big Enough God (Riddle)--from our Jonah series. I'm always surprised how a song we've sung a lot in one season can sit for a while and come back so fresh to the worship experience.


Video out...

How was your Sunday?

Christmas Belles Are Ringing At The Ritz Community Theater

Rehearsals have begun for our Christmas production at THE RITZ COMMUNITY THEATER. We're doing Christmas Belles--a Southern comedy about 3 sisters in a small Texas town.

Here's what the website says about the play.
In Christmas Belles, a church Christmas pageant spins wildly out of control as three squabbling sisters try to reign in the mayhem. Amidst an ailing Santa, a vengeful sheep, and a reluctant Elvis impersonator, a family secret emerges that just might derail the entire production. And on top of everything else, the pageant will be shown live on cable access television for the first time ever. Christmas Belles will bring joy to your world!

We've got a great cast assembled for the play. Three of them have never been in a play at The Ritz. Four have been in recent productions and two are returning after several years away from the stage.

We're in rehearsals now. These pics are from other companies that have produced the show. We'll have some of our own up soon. Mark the dates-December 4-6 and Dec. 11-13 here in Snyder.

Worship Confessional, October 18, 2009

It was an interesting day. It began with an early morning phone call from my drummer that he and his family have been battling the "crud" this weekend (the flu is making it's rounds here). I thought--we have two very "rhythm" songs this morning, what do I do? I thought about punting and rewriting the set, but didn't feel a peace about that--so decided to stay the course.

I found my old Alesis SR16 drum machine in the closet and brought it out. I used to use this thing a lot when I first began doing contemporary worship in churches that didn't have good drummers (I've been blessed with good drummers for a while now). I remember now how much I felt like a one man band when I was having to hit the drum pedal for the fills and patterns. Yes, I can pat my tummy and rub my head at the same time too!

Anyway--we got through it. Here's the run down for today.

Set List

Pass It On (Walker) A repeat from a couple of weeks ago. Still love love love this song!

Come Now Is The Time To Worship-- good accoustic song to do without the drummer today--thanks Lord for scheduling this.


Holy Holy Holy w/We Fall Down --Worship choir (Brentwood Benson)

Video--He Is With You

For Your Glory (Maher) I've loved this song since it came out on PCD album and then Matt put it on his EMPTY AND BEAUTIFUL cd. I've been holding on to this one for a while and scheduled it back in the summer. The above video just worked perfect with it. Besides, Ecc. 3 is my life verse passage!

Glorify Your Name (Kevin Singleton)--This was the Lakewood version--although we had used the Christ Church version back in 2006. I was reminded this week of the power of this song... wow, if you haven't used it--DO!

Interview with one of our Children's Worship Arts Kids--we were studying about Fanny Crosby the other night and we sang TO GOD BE THE GLORY this morning. I asked Antonio about Fanny Crosby and how many songs she wrote, etc.

To God Be The Glory (Hymncharts.com arr) Good upbeat arr... different chord structure gave it a fresh sound.

Morning Message--Happiness Is... Wayne Knox, one of our laymen, preached today. We have two more interim candidates coming in the next two weeks.

Be Unto Your Name (DeShazo) Great flute part on this one!!

Elder Update

For Your Glory (out)

How was your Sunday?

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog. Fred just got back from Peru on a COMPASSION trip. Be sure and read his stories of the wonder things he saw there.