Do You Have A Flipper?

Thinking back some 15 years in worship ministry when I had to use OVERHEADS for worship with youth and adults, we didn't quite know what to call the position of the person who stood next to the beaming light and magically waved their hands so fast that you never knew that they had changed the slide.  We called them FLIPPERS!  I know, its not an exciting name-but it was practical and descriptive to what they did.

That was cutting edge technology back then and woe to me if I decided to repeat a chorus or bridge and the FLIPPER had already moved that sheet out of the way.

We're getting ready to upgrade to MEDIA SHOUT 4 and seeing all that this technology does now days makes using the overhead look like it was used on the Ark.  Nevertheless, I couldn't do what I do on Sunday morning in leading worship if it weren't for the modern day FLIPPERS who fire the cues and follow us down the path of worship.  I'm forever indebted to their work.  ( I love that in version 4 of Media shout the back projector will not only give us the current verse that we are singing-but it will give us the first line of the next verse so that flow isn't interrupted by the transition--SWEET!)

Here are some suggestions for Worship Software in the church.