Worship Confessional, October 18, 2009

It was an interesting day. It began with an early morning phone call from my drummer that he and his family have been battling the "crud" this weekend (the flu is making it's rounds here). I thought--we have two very "rhythm" songs this morning, what do I do? I thought about punting and rewriting the set, but didn't feel a peace about that--so decided to stay the course.

I found my old Alesis SR16 drum machine in the closet and brought it out. I used to use this thing a lot when I first began doing contemporary worship in churches that didn't have good drummers (I've been blessed with good drummers for a while now). I remember now how much I felt like a one man band when I was having to hit the drum pedal for the fills and patterns. Yes, I can pat my tummy and rub my head at the same time too!

Anyway--we got through it. Here's the run down for today.

Set List

Pass It On (Walker) A repeat from a couple of weeks ago. Still love love love this song!

Come Now Is The Time To Worship-- good accoustic song to do without the drummer today--thanks Lord for scheduling this.


Holy Holy Holy w/We Fall Down --Worship choir (Brentwood Benson)

Video--He Is With You

For Your Glory (Maher) I've loved this song since it came out on PCD album and then Matt put it on his EMPTY AND BEAUTIFUL cd. I've been holding on to this one for a while and scheduled it back in the summer. The above video just worked perfect with it. Besides, Ecc. 3 is my life verse passage!

Glorify Your Name (Kevin Singleton)--This was the Lakewood version--although we had used the Christ Church version back in 2006. I was reminded this week of the power of this song... wow, if you haven't used it--DO!

Interview with one of our Children's Worship Arts Kids--we were studying about Fanny Crosby the other night and we sang TO GOD BE THE GLORY this morning. I asked Antonio about Fanny Crosby and how many songs she wrote, etc.

To God Be The Glory (Hymncharts.com arr) Good upbeat arr... different chord structure gave it a fresh sound.

Morning Message--Happiness Is... Wayne Knox, one of our laymen, preached today. We have two more interim candidates coming in the next two weeks.

Be Unto Your Name (DeShazo) Great flute part on this one!!

Elder Update

For Your Glory (out)

How was your Sunday?

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog. Fred just got back from Peru on a COMPASSION trip. Be sure and read his stories of the wonder things he saw there.


danieljohn said...

Sounds like you had a wild day with the flu. And, I hope you don't "Pass It On" to anyone else. Seriously though, looks like a great set and a cool back-up idea with the drum machine.