Christmas Belles Are Ringing At The Ritz Community Theater

Rehearsals have begun for our Christmas production at THE RITZ COMMUNITY THEATER. We're doing Christmas Belles--a Southern comedy about 3 sisters in a small Texas town.

Here's what the website says about the play.
In Christmas Belles, a church Christmas pageant spins wildly out of control as three squabbling sisters try to reign in the mayhem. Amidst an ailing Santa, a vengeful sheep, and a reluctant Elvis impersonator, a family secret emerges that just might derail the entire production. And on top of everything else, the pageant will be shown live on cable access television for the first time ever. Christmas Belles will bring joy to your world!

We've got a great cast assembled for the play. Three of them have never been in a play at The Ritz. Four have been in recent productions and two are returning after several years away from the stage.

We're in rehearsals now. These pics are from other companies that have produced the show. We'll have some of our own up soon. Mark the dates-December 4-6 and Dec. 11-13 here in Snyder.