Tuck Your Shirt In!

There's a big storm brewing here over the insistence that kids wear their shirts tucked in and wear a belt. My son (going into 6th grade) is in arms that they can't wear certain kinds of shorts and have to wear belts. I showed him this video and his jaw fell open. Look what they can bring to school in those baggy pants.

I'm in favor of it---make them wear a belt and tuck those shirts in!!!


Darla said...

wow, my son wasn't at all happy about the tucking in the shirt thing, but he has come to terms with it. on the other side, we too are grinning now that he will finally dress like we would really want him to! hehe. just don't tell him that. this video makes a good point, our kids may never abuse the situation but there are some that would and the rules are for our protection. thanks for this!