Worship Confessional, June 7, 2009--JONAH

We started our new series JONAH this morning, and something in my spirit told me that this was going to be a trying day. We had an opening video, a drama, sound effects--all a receipe for disaster. Was I ever right.

We went into rehearsal and we knew that our subs were iffy--just didn't know what it was. Then our amps went on our mains and we were toast. We had to quickly adjust by brining powered speakers and sub from the Family Life Center over for worship--all of this while we're trying to do a full run of the songs. Oh brother!

ButI knew that we serve a BIG ENOUGH GOD that he could get us through. He did and I would say that the Spirit of the Lord was there.

Here's the set--it's part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's Blog

Opening Video (from Christ Community Church in Omaha)

You Are Worthy of My Praise (Ruis)
Joyful, Joyful (Hymn Charts)--If I had it to do again I would have flipped these two songs--both in E---Joyful had more energy and faster tempo. Oh well--you live and learn.

Enough (Tomlin)
Big Enough God (Jennie Riddle)-- a new song from the writer of REVELATION SONG. We're using it for a theme song for JONAH. I got a nice email from Jennie this week and told her that we were singing it this week. Take a listen--I think you'll like it.

Drama--we wrote a sermon intro that basically made fun of THE JONAS brother--two teens talking about how cool our pastor was preaching about the JONAS brother. Needless to say they were disappointed when Russell corrected them about the series.

Message-JONAH--We All Have A Nineveh--a great introduction to this book. Only 4 chapters but we're carrying through the summer as our series. A great word.

Softly and Tenderly(Hymn Charts)--and if it wasn't enough with the speakers going out, I get up to sing this response song and theres a honking big red light on my mic that says "YOUR OUT OF BATTERY!" Great--I'm signaling to the team to carry on... the Minister of Youth has to bring another mic up on stage. This is a great arrangement and would work well with YOU ALONE too.

Mighty to Save/The Stand---by the time we got to these songs I was done... and then I heard the congregation singing "SO I'LL STAND WITH ARMS HIGH.." They were loud... I mean loud. We closed out by singing the chorus accapella!

Out Music---Belly of the Whale (Newsboys)--we played the mp3 of the song used in the Veggie Tales JONAH video.

Here are pictures of our stage. We got the banners from Backdrops.us. The side banners we made ourselves using TYVEK banner material on our HP DesignJet large scale printer.

How was your day?