Worship Confessional, June 14, 2009

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog.

Well, no sound surprises like last week. We were still without our Sub (blown amp that we'll have to unrack and send back this week--we borrowed the Youth Sub for today and for the coming weeks)
Set List:

You, You Are God (Gateway) Always a good one--it's exciting especially with the track that David made for us.

Big Enough God (Riddle) Second week for this song. Sarah Carpenter joined us on team today and did a great job leading on this one.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Hymn--but Lincoln Brewster arr.)
A good familiar choice

Scripture Reading (Matthew 8 and Psalm 69)

Saved Me (Gateway--Kari Jobe song). My daughter Taylor sang this
for Maundy Thursday. I asked her to sing it again today since it went along with the sermon about Jonah.

Morning Message: Jonah (Throw Your Cargo Overboard)--from Jonah 1: 4-16 and also Acts 27. Russell did a great job in comparing Paul's shipwreck with Jonah's plight and the response of both to the storms of life. He ended with the illustration from UP!(The Disney movie) where the old man realizes all of the stuff in life he was holding on to--and he lets it go. We put a card in each folder and asked people to write down their cargo today. A few did so and brought it to the front to put in the boxes. We've seen more response the last two Sundays to an extended time of worship at the end. Lot's of movement. (Simple staging illustrations with boxes for cargo--do you know how hard it is to find wooden shipping crates in Snyder?)

Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Hymn Charts arr.)--Different arr..but good (Key of C) and then went into STILL (Hillsong-Morgan). Great closer.

Tomorrow starts 2 weeks of VBS--we do it at the Boys/Girls club near the church. So 10 nights of set up and take down of sound and set. Should be a good workout!

How was your day!


bradhafnersfa said...

Wow! Lots of Kari Jobe today! I have thought about getting her album. P90X is going great. Down to 192lbs and 27.6% body fat. Started at 215lbs. and 34.5%. Thanks for asking! I want to minister a long time with music which is why I'm doing it.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Love the music choses.
Love the stage design even more. But hey, you know me...

Dean Lusk said...

I noticed that on the Kari Jobe tunes this weekend, too. Going to have to give this one a listen.

That's remarkably cool -- "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us". I never would have thought of using that song. How was it received by the congregation?

Oh, and "Maundy Thursday"... Having never heard of that until a few years ago, it's a funny-sounding name. :-)

Chuck Harris said...

Looks great. I love the design choice you went with. we built crates out of wooden pallets and thin plywood for "Voice of the Prairie" just a note for future projects you might do.

steff said...

I love Still such a great song. Rarely hear it... I wonder why its not used more.

steff said...

I love "Still"! Great song that you rarely see done. Wonder why.