I Have A Dream

On this Martin Luther King Day ( and just for the record I'm working today!) I keep running through my mind MLK's phrase " I have a dream" and wondering about that phrase.

I know that MLK had a dream for equality and the improvements in Civil Rights.  If anything, this was his passion and his life's calling.  He had a dream where anyone could dream and achieve and be what they were called to be.

So, that begs the question "Do I have a dream?" Is there some passion and heartbeat in my life that makes me arise each day and say "what part do I get to work on today?"  That's a big question and honestly one that I'm working on at the moment.  What is it that makes my heart beat and come alive.  Is it music?  Is it art?  Is it creativity?  Is it ministry?  Is it connecting people?  What is it?

The bible has a great example of a dreamer--Joseph.  What I find interesting about Joseph's dreams were that they weren't his alone. He didn't make them up or conjure them up; they were dreams given to him (and rightly so because he stewarded these dreams) and God used them to bring about His plan for the children of Israel (Genesis 37-50)

Maybe that's the better question on a day like today.  Not "what are my dreams" but "God what are your dreams for my life?"  Then and only then can I appreciate what I have to steward about my dream.  For you see if it's mine (of my own making) then I take more responsibility for it than I should.  I try to make it happen.

But when it's God's dream--I only have to follow the Dream Giver.  It's his--not mine and I have to be faithful to what he has revealed.

(As a side--I will tell you that I've had some wild night time dreams lately. One of them I was a lawyer and had to get my client off or it was the Death Penalty.  Let's just say I didn't succeed)

What are your dreams?  Are they God-given dreams or man-manufactured dreams?