I Made A Mess of Wordpress

I can't tell if it's BLOGGER revenge or that I'm losing my technology edge, but I've made a mess of Wordpress.

I'm in the process of doing something new for my blog and so I have to take care of some administrative stuff on the back end (things you never see).

It seems that I've pulled the proverbial "ball of yarn" thing with Wordpress and I'm in the middle of a mess. (Ever heard of an MD5 tag--I hadn't until today). It seems that my earlier dabbling with Wordpress.com for a blog still lingers and won't let me use the Wordpress.org functions due to an internal argument of who has rights (ok--more than you wanted to know)

But, I humbly submit to anyone out there who can lend this technology mechanic a hand.  I'm in a mess!


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

NEVER heard of a MD5 tag...sounds like a CIA deal...

Anonymous said...

From anything I've ever worked with, MD5 deals with the MD5 hash - security functions. A friend of mine runs http://forums.developdaly.com/. You can try asking those guys about a MD5 tag.

Jay Scott