Social Media--A Must For 21st Century Ministry

Ok.  I've endured endless times of teasing and ridicule (not too bad) about my involvement in social media but today I have to stand up on my two feet and all 5 foot 5 inches of my body and say that EVERY MINISTER should be involved in Social Media--not just for the social part of it.

Case in point:  We had a church member become ill while out of town.  Family had to fly to them. In the meantime I remember a connection through Twitter who is geographically close to them.   I sent a tweet--get a reply--minister checks on a church member that I cannot go see.  THAT'S SOCIAL MEDIA and THE BODY OF CHRIST working hand in hand.

Case in point:  Family waiting at hospital for test resutls.  Only news available is through messaging and postings.  I keep updated so when people ask I know how they are doing.

Case in point:  Teens go through events (death of a loved one)  You connect with them and express your sympathies.  Next time you see that kid--instant connection (this happened to me)

Case in point:  When I need encouragement, I get a message from a friend who says "Do Not Fear" and all I did was tweet up a little prayer.

Case in point:  Our recent Deacon Ordination was posted via Facebook (photos) sharing the moment with family and friends all over the world who couldn't be there and messaged their prayer and support for these men.  Awesome!

I cannot tell you how many times that I can instantly connect with a family or member and talk about their current status that I don't reference something that I read or remember from their posts.  Yes, it takes some time to do this--but I usually scan the media in the morning--then maybe at lunch and then again before bed.  Takes maybe 5-8 minutes each time. It's just like having coffee with someone.   It's not always ideal--but it keeps you connected with church members and they appreciate it.

So ministers---time to get off the fence and jump in. It's the 21st Century and this is how we do it today.

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