Worship Confessional, May 31, 2009

Today was the conclusion of our Ephesians series.  It's hard to think back all the way to February (we started this series when I went to RECREATE this year).  It's been an in-depth study of the book and I think most people have really enjoyed it. Our small groups studies were centered around the book too.

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog.

Set List:

Grace and Peace (Fernando Ortega)--another Fernando piece this week.  This is a quote from the beginning of the book (1:3) and we had all of the "Grace and Peace " scriptures scrolling through this part (A trio sang this to open)


Great Things (Maher)  we used this song during the series--so we reprised it.  Great song--great track--GREAT THINGS!

Welcome/End of our Shoe Campaign-we collected 600 pair of shoes for BUCKNER INTERNATIONAL.


This Is The Gift of God (Cartee)  Another song that I heard at RECREATE this year was perfect for the series--so we reprised it too.  See a trend?

Awesome In This Place (?) Oldie but a goodie----haven't sung this one in a while


Undying Love (Altrogge)  This song stuck with me the first time I heard it almost 6 years ago.  Because Paul closes the book with "Grace to all with an undying love"--we sang this one.

I Worship You Almighty God (Altrogge)--another oldie but goodie---great combination on these two.

How was your Sunday?   Next Sunday we head into the book of Jonah.  Any suggestions?  No fishy songs, ok?


Windbag said...

Jonah songs??? ....hmmmm...drawing a blank on that one. Ephesians is one of my favorite books. I've underlined most of the book. I might as well simply underline the book title and leave it at that.

Ayebare said...

every time I think of the book of jonah, I think of veggie tales"! I find that the book of jonah is the hardest to pick songs for... well, next to numbers!

HL said...

I love Grace & Peace! What a great song!

David said...

I'm thinking there's gotta be songs about running but not hiding that are church songs rather than world songs...but I'm drawing a blank...

And I think Awesome In This Place is an old Hillsong Darlene Zschech song...unless there's another one (which is very possible)

Dean Lusk said...

I don't suppose "Great Things" is the one that goes, "I wanna do great things for my Lord..."?

I need to be checking out Carl Cartee's music. Hearing... ah... great things about what he's writing.

I love the songs in your set that I know! Just need to dig into the ones I don't. That's the only problem with #sundaysetlists... So many new songs, so little time!

Jim Drake said...


GREAT THINGS--is a restatement of the MAGNIFICAT (Maher's version)
"My soul proclaims your greatness Lord Rejoicing in My Savior"

Its a great song....

Cartee.. yes--and check out GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE for Christmas

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Really great tie ins.
And what a great outreach. 600 pairs. Awesome.
And last but not least, come on, no fishie songs? lol.