"Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City"

I got to Kansas City on a Frid'y (Sunday)
By Sattidy I larned a thing or two (Monday)
For up to then I didn't have an idy
Of whut the modren world was comin' to!
I counted twenty gas buggies goin' by theirsel's
Almost ev'ry time I tuk a walk.
'Nen I put my ear to a Bell Telephone and a strange womern started in to talk!
(Whut next! Yeak whut!)Whut next?
Ev'rythin's up to date in Kansas City
They've gone about as fur as they c'n go!
They went and built a skyscraper seven stories high,
About as high as a buildin' orta grow.
Ev'rythin's like a dream in Kansas City,
It's better than a magic lantern show!
Y' c'n turn the radiator on whenever you want some heat.
With ev'ry kind o' comfort ev'ry house is all complete.
You c'n walk to privies in the rain and never wet your feet!
They've gone about as fur as they c'n go,

I find it ironic that I'm immersed in this song for prep in OKLAHOMA and now I'm in Kansas City. I arrived last night for the National Worship Leaders Conference that starts this afternoon in Overland Park. Thanks to Fred McKinnon's blog and the NWLC crew, I'm here because I made a comment on the blog about the conference. I've been the last 2 years in Austin; this year it moved to Kansas. I'm in Kansas Toto!

This morning I plan to visit some of the area attractions. Did you know Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains (originally built to give the horses a place to drink in the town) and some of the sites of downtown. As I've said before, I love exploring a city that I've never been to before. My sense of adventure is alive!

You can follow all of the chatter about the NWLC on Twitter by searching the hashtags # ( #nwlc09). I'll meet up with some fellow Twitter buds tomorrow night following the conference. Can't wait.

Off to explore the city that is up to date!!!