Once An Arafat Man

One of the great things of this last week was meeting Ben Saada (from Overland Park, Grace Church). Ben is a worship leader in the area and I had followed him earlier in the year. I love meeting my virtual world and knowing them in person.

Ben gave me a copy of his dad's book. His father, Tass, was once a PLO fighter (Fatah) and by the radical grace and mercy of God he has now become a fervent believer in Jesus. It was a most gripping story.

Jeff Miller, fellow Worship Minister in Texas wrote this about the book.
In some ways, Tass's story struck me how closely it parallels that of Paul the apostle at some points. Here is a man who not only served as a sniper for Arafat's Fatah, but in his spare time he personally persecuted Christ-followers in Jordan. Yet, for all of that, you can read the hand of God upon him throughout his life, protecting him from death and harm when, by all rights, he should have died many times over.

I texted Ben from Dallas "almost through with your Dad's book. I'm hooked and I'm weeping". I can highly recommend this book. It's an easy ready because you are so drawn into the grace of God which has led Tass' life.


Ben said...

Jim - Thanks so much for writing about the book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. God is undoubtebly...good.

Jeff M. Miller said...

I loved reading Tass's story so much. I've recommended this book to so many other people.

I don't think we can be reminded too often of the grace of God.