Worship Confessional, July 26, 2009

Today was a difficult day, I knew that it would be. Our pastor's resignation and departure finally felt real today. Last week, as I suspected, was just a feeling that he was away on vacation (and everyone else these last two weeks), but today it was real.

It was very hard to lead today but I felt like I must continue to lead in the midst of the heaviness I felt in the room. I was drawn to Psalm 71 this morning where it just says that God has been our "strong granite of a fortress" and "just as each day brims with your beauty, my mouth brims with praise." I led our people in that today.

Timely encouragement from @Recreate came to me before I led letting me know that I was being prayed for.

Set List:

Greeting: The Lord Be with You.....

Your Grace Is Enough (Maher) One of my favorites and just a great opener.

A New Hallelujah! (Smith) I connected our people with the thought that on Sunday morning we're not alone in worship--we join with the song across the world! We added our part today.


Our God Saves (Baloche) This is a great song that we haven't sung in quiet a while.

Scripture Reading Psalm 71 (The Message)

God of This City... repeat--a great song

Big Enough God-chorus only

Morning Message

Revive Us Again (Hymn)
- a last minute addition since he was preaching on the repentance of Nineveh.

Draw Me Close To You

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog. Happy Anniversary to SSL. Check it out--there are some really cool people over there.


Gary Durbin said...

hey man...great connecting with you last week. great songs. I'll keep you and your church in my prayers.

Chris said...

Hey, Jim

Those transitions can be really difficult. Thanks for being faithful to lead the people of your church. Be praying for you.

Isn't Our God Saves a great declaration?

kimbontrager said...

we will continue to pray for you & your family & your c church. It was really great to see you last week!

Fred McKinnon said...

Awesome seeing you again. I thought of a great song for your church - an old one by don Moen, called "I Will Sing" .. .check it out!

Marina said...

We've not done "Our God Saves" yet - not sure why. Such a good song! Hope your time at NWLC was wonderful and encouraging and refreshing. I've never attended that conference, but this year I followed the twittering and wished I was there.

dennarr said...

Our God Saves is such a huge song - I love singing it! I am holding God of This City for our missions focus month...a hard thing to do! Gotta bring Draw Me Close back!

Praying for your body during this transition.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

So which version of "Revive Us Again" did you do?
love your set list.

Kendall Massey said...

Great to see you last week! So much has happened since we met. Really you wouldn't believe it if I told you. Can't wait to chronicle it in blog form. We have to meet soon... Praying for you bud!

Really like that set - in this time of confusion, let God be glorified through your weakness. He is more than able to provide all that you and your church needs.

Be blessed, Jim - you've blessed me.