National Worship Leaders Conference '09- Day 2

Day 2--On the schedule for today was Jeremy Riddle (Sweetly Broken) and Len Sweet who again rocked our world with a picture of the future. These futurist guys used to scare me--but I believe now that they in some way are prophets to the church to help us adapt to the coming culture. Just ask me about an AVATAR in the future. It's really very mind blowing.

Sessions today for breakouts were about Ancient Future Worship and Sabbath Rest For Those Who Serve God. Good reminders to me about the importance of taking care of my soul before I feed someone else.

More than anything these events have become about connections. These pictures show Kim Bontrager from Wichita KS and Rich Kirkpatrick from CA--both RECREATE alums. We're having a mini-reunion here. I've also met Gary Durbin from FL, Ben Saada from KS (whose Dad used to be a sniper for Yassar Arafat --now a believer and evangelist), Jasonn Peterman from KS and many more. Went to the Tweetup last night where they had a live PODCAST with a Christian artist. Found someone that reads my blog!!! Yeah!!!

Day 3 begins in a few minutes..on tap today is TRAVIS COTTRELL--you know I'll be there.