So Long Layne

By now many of you have heard the news that our Youth Minister, Layne Scott, has resigned and will be departing next weekend to start his duties as a Coach/Teacher in Corsicana. With his departure, that leaves me as the lone staff member of the the team that came together in 2005.

Layne has been my partner in crime since I arrived here in 2005. We've spent 3 staff retreats, 3 mission trips and one Catalyst trip together and have had a blast with all of them.

I'll remember:
  • Trip to Guatemala (where these pics are from)
  • Trip to Catalyst and a Saturday game at Georgia Tech.
  • Staff meetings where we would exchange texts
  • His knowledge of the latest "rap" music (which I don't know.
  • The latest ROB and BIG episodes.
  • His rescue of Daniel in Mexico as he was in a deep sleep walk at night
  • Runs to Chicken E for a Dr. Pepper (Easy ice)
  • Lunch at Mrs. Kathy's for Chicken Spaghetti (that will change your life)
Layne is the age my nephew Joseph would have been had he lived (Joseph passed away in 1986) and so there would be times I would look at him and say "this is what it would have been like with Joseph". In a way that has been kinda cool.

I'll miss the easy talks and the laughs that we had (many times at his expense