Christmas--This Time Won't Last

It became real to me last night that our Christmas celebrations are changing (or will quickly be doing so). The kids have all grown up and in the past I've noticed that the older ones didn't have much in common with the younger ones.

However, last night as the adults gathered around the table I noticed that all of the kids had gathered around the center island of the kitchen and were carrying on and laughing. Later on when the conversation flipped and the adults were at the island, the kids took over the table and the desserts.

I told the kids today to enjoy these days. The time is coming (very quickly) when it will be hard for 5 families to get together and spend Christmas Day together. There will be additions to the family with new sons and daughters in law and invariably there will be absences with some (even this year we were missing some) and so Christmas is changing. Makes me sad, but also is a reality check to enjoy the day and the moments that you have with these family members.

I look forward to the day when my kids come home with their families for Christmas (not yet!) and we'll make our own Christmas memories. But for now, this is Christmas in my family.

How was your Christmas?