Worship Confessional, December 20, 2009

Christmas is slowly winding down. All that's left now is Christmas eve.
I love Christmas--I truly do, but at some point in a Minister of Music's life you have lived with Christmas since June and you get a little tired of it. I'm almost there. It's a shame at the pinnacle of the season I'm ready to move on to something else. I guess that is just the spoils of being a leader. You know what is coming ahead and by the time everyone else experiences it, you are already past that moment. Maybe when I retire I can really really enjoy Christmas, and Easter.. in their seasons.

Set List

In The First Light (Travis Cottrell Arr.) This little three set book from Brentwood Benson has been a challenge. The orchestrations are tough to get a hold of but the choir has handled it well. We've combined the Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir for this season. Just Christmas eve left and we'll be back to normal. Good job choir!

The Glorious Impossible (Carl Cartee) Last time for this song. It's been a great song for the season. Just good theology here!

Welcome/Announcements/Offering (our missionaries from Guatemala were home and presented the church with a plaque from the orphanage in Guatemala that they work with)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) Tomlin song which has been our theme for Advent.

O Holy Night (Tomlin arr)--did the Tomlin arrangement. I think it went well. (Kim Bontrager--no legging arrangement here!)

Advent Reading (Candle of Peace)

Winter Snow (Audrey Assad) I've been looking forward to doing this song. Sarah did a great job on this one and I think that it fit with the theme of PEACE

Morning Message--Conclusion of the Christmas Is series. Ed has done a great job with the series explaining the meaning of Christmas, and it's more than just shepherds and wisemen and gifts!

Hark The Herald (Tomlin arr) such a simple way to close the service today

(and at that point my in ear monitors died and I knew we were done)

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog

How was your Sunday?


kim said...

I know exactly how you feel about the season. Every year I think 'keep it simple, keep it simple' and every year that doesn't work out.

I'm sure your O Holy Night was perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Winter Snow - one of my fav's this year. I had someone sing it on the 13th.

Merry Christmas!