Lottie Moon--Do You Help Her?

At this time of the year in every Southern Baptist Church , there is an emphasis on the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. This is the annual time of the year when SBC churches focus on Foreign Missions (Global efforts outside the US) and this offering funds the entire International Mission Board efforts around the globe. It's all named for a tiny lady missionary Charlotte (Lottie) Diggs Moon.

We show videos for Lottie Moon each year. This church decided to do it's own--maybe I should have shown this one last week instead of the 'snoozer' that I chose from the IMB. I don't know--calling Lottie a "hottie" might now have gone over well. But, give these guys a for effort and creativity in trying to teach their students about Lottie.

The joke in circles is "we've been paying for Lottie for years, haven't we paid her off by now" (that's an actual joke). Our church will give 38% of it's Partnership Offering to Lottie this year. That's the single biggest mission gift we give. And it's worth it.