Worship Confessional, December 6, 2009

It has been a crazy week with the opening of Christmas Belles at The Ritz, Annual Meeting and other things. I'm just now coming up for air enough to write this post. I had intended to write it early, but a 4 AM wake up on Sunday morning with things to get done for the day kept me from it.

Have you ever had one of those Sundays where you just wanted to skip. The music was going to be a challenge not to mention the schedule of the day (event backed up to event). This was my Sunday. We were doing some pretty challenging stuff Sunday and I knew we were going to have to work at it. We struggled through rehearsal with some issues and I just wanted it to be noon and be done. But something in my soul reminded me that on days like this, this is when the Lord shows off. We concluded the rehearsal with a prayer time submitting all of this to God. It worked.

I've heard from people all week long how the worship service blessed them. I just give the Lord the credit for it all. Just when we think we can't--He can!

Set List:

Ring The Bells (Ronnie Freeman) This one is off of the Travis Cottrell Christmas album last year. David did a killer backing track, we added 4 handbells on the chorus and we were off! Worked well

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (Accapella) We did the version from "GLORY IN THE HIGHEST"---again, worked well

Advent Reading--Candle of Love

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (from Ring The Bells Album) This exciting version from Travis Cottrell's Christmas album. We combined the Worship Choir and Sr. Adult Choir for this.

Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy)---Tomlin's song is exciting. We had to lower the key to get in the chorus (and we still might have to lower it again) But it worked well.



Video for Lottie Moon (Foreign Missions Offering)

The Glorious Impossible (Carl Cartee)--Second week for this song. People are beginning to like it

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger)--Tomlin song again this week. Again, I think they're catching on to it.

Emmanuel (Bob Mc Gee)---Threw in the old chorus of EMMANUEL--it just seemed to fit!

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge (Christmas Is....)

Jesus Saves (Travis Cottrell)----This was the odd one for me... it's just a power song, it seemed kind of out of place at the end. We've done it a lot lately so maybe it has lost it's magic for me.


How was your Sunday?

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