Worship Confessional, December 13, 2009

Another crazy week, and here I am just now posting this confessional. The play is over, so things should slow down around here. No, wait, here comes Christmas! It never stops.

This week was a challenge, but we made it. Several of our regulars were out (sound, instrumental, etc).

Set List:

Hark The Herald (Travis Cottrell) Worship Choir/Sr. Adult Choir

Angels We Have Heard On High (Tomlin)--No tracks this week so we were kinda thin in sound.

The Glorious Impossible (Cartee) I think they like this one

Open The Eyes of My Heart (Baloche) This one just seem to flow out of Glorious Impossible--and in the same key of E!

Welcome/Announcements/ Offering

Missions Video---We support Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and I love to show these videos--but this one seemed a little dry and out of place

Born That We May Have Life-(Tomlin) This one started out rough...my mic died during the video and we had to make a quick adjustment. We had to start over--just have to do that sometimes.

O Come All Ye Faithful

My Soul Magnifies The Lord (Tomlin)---had wanted to introduce this one earlier in the season, but it got cut the previous two weeks. I thought them the chorus first and then we sang

Advent Reading (The Candle of Joy)

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)---did this one a little more subdued and accoustic. I think they like this one too. Worked well since Ed's sermon was basically a salvation message.

Message: Christmas Is... The Suffering Savior

Jesus Paid It All (Hymn)---change up at the last minute--just went back to this old hymn as we closed out because it fit.

It was a good day. One of the cast members from our play made a profession of faith. What a great way to head to the theater for the last performance. That's the whole reason we are over at the theater--to meet and reach people!

How was your Sunday?

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