Do You Want Me To Do Your Funeral?

An interesting article today in USA TODAY was pointed out to me by my good friend, Kyle Goen. You must read it and tell me what you think?

Being in a small town, I'm called upon regularly to meet with families that have no church affiliation or relationship with a church. In fact a friend across the world the other day said "Jim, how many funerals do you do in a week?" There have been weeks when I've done 3-4.

When I meet with a family that doesn't have a church relationship, I listen very closely to hear their story. Most of them do want assurance of where their loved one is now. I don't try to make the deceased into a hero if he/she wasn't one. But by including the family story in with the story of God's greater story, somehow it all works together.

Where situations are difficult I focus on God's unchanging plan and love for the creation he died for and for the hope that we who are left on this place have in Jesus.

So, do you want me to do your funeral?