Let The Games Begin.. Snyder Tiger Football

I once heard a story about a seminarian who interviewed with a church about a pastoral position. The seminarian returned to the campus and told his professor "they kept asking if I was community minded?" The professor asked "What did you say?" The seminarian said "Yes! But they kept asking it again and again". The professor asked "You know what they mean don't you?" The seminarian "No". The wise old professor said "They want to know if you go to the out of town football games!"There is nothing more important in a small town than the local football team. The year and it's greatness hang in the balance every Friday night.

Tonight we begin the season in Big Spring. We'll have one in the band, one in the youth group bus and one with us. So--"we're community minded"

The picture above is our oldest and her friend Chance Young at the Pep Rally this morning. Yes, we even attend the pep rallies!