Worship Confessional, August 23, 2009

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Set List

Call To Worship--Worship Choir- THE SOLID ROCK
We are using the Brentwoon-Benson Book "30 Minute Choir" to kickstart our Worship choir this fall. Easy but great arrangements. Take a listen to them. This was the hymn The SOLID ROCK...upbeat! Good opener.

Today is the Day (Brewster)...man I've been waiting forever to do this song. We introduced it today. I reached back and told our congregation that every generation has sung this scripture in a different way. (I even reached back and sang the old "THIS IS THE DAY"--and said if you sang that song when it came out you were really cutting edge--with a beat. Then I taught them the chorus to the song first). Wow!! This song had such energy this morning--really exciting.

More information from Lincoln about the song can be seen here. We didn't do the the OH OH OH part...can't do it all at once.

Days of Elijah (Marks). Sometimes we sing songs that we really don't know the background to them. I shared the background of this song this morning. We aren't LITERALLY living in the Days of Elijah (that's not the point of the song) We are living in the days when the God of Elijah, Moses, Ezekiel and David still speaks, still moves and still acts. We are living in the days when God is speaking...will we be brave enough to declare "Behold he comes..." Wow--I've missed this song and our people SANG!


O Worship The King (Tomlin) Another great song that we don't sing often enough. Great!

Offering (Baloche) It's been 4 years now since we introduced this song here. It's become such a standard for us. When we sing it we sing with such feeling and heart--I just love it.

Don't Run--Missions Video from Worship Films. Thought this was a great intro into our missions section. Great video.

Speak To Me---I sang Tommy Walker's new song SPEAK TO ME. This song has become such an anthem for me in these days. I listen to it in the early morning hours when I walk and I see the handiwork of God. It fit perfectly after the video and asking the Lord to speak to us.

Morning Message---The next two weeks we are hearing from Missionaries out of our church. Today was Bob/Georgette Kornegay who have been in Guatemala for almost 2 years now. They sold everything and went down there to start a ministry. I was part of the trip to Guatemala in 2006 that birthed this vision in them. It's so exciting to see where God has taken them.

Heart of Worship---Redman.... Again--another goodie that we don't sing often enough. A great reminder in these days when we think the church has to have to much to be "in". All we need is a heart of worship.

How was your day?


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Dude, repost at Fred's your linked his blog in your name...
Behold He comes!!! Yeah!!!!

David Lindenr said...

I love Today is the Day & Speak to Me, those are some great songs!

Gary Durbin said...

great stuff. Today is the Day is a monster.