Worship Confessional, August 30, 2009

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's blog. I've been posting these confessionals over there for a year. Thanks Fred for doing this. I've met some incredible worship leaders through this avenue.

Set List:
Indescribable (Story)--from the Brentwood-Benson collection "30 Minute choir

Today Is The Day (Brewster/Baloche) I taught them the "Oh Oh Oh" part today. Told them it was an ancient Old Testament song that the antiphonal choirs used to sing across the temple to each other.. I don't think the bought that, but they laughed anyway. Great song...

Baptism---two of our missionaries children were baptized this morning. Great to do this while they are home.


Our Heart (Dearman) I first heard this song 16 years ago and fell in love with it then. Since then Don Moen has done it and Travis Cottrell did it on VOICE OF THE FAITHUL, This song was on my ipod when we were in India 3 years ago. As I sat and waited to board the plane, this song was going over and over and over as I watched the nations go by me and get on the planes. This is Travis' version here on this video. I would have used it for our service, but the words were too small.

God You Reign (Brewster) This was a new one for us this week. I just love LINCOLN BREWSTER! Such a powerful song....

Holy, Holy, Holy (1verse) Our missionary was to lead on REVELATION SONG, so he came in on Holy, Holy, Holy to get him there and ready (and in key). Set up was great.

Revelation Song (Riddle) Terry led on this one too and the team backed him up. Congregation joined in and stood up too! Wow!

Morning Message--Terry Jones
This was our second week to hear from local people who are serving around the globe. The Jones' live in India.

Terry spoke about his ministry there in India and basically brought the message in the style where he would go and speak to believers in India (recalling a biblical story and then asking them to repeat the story to him). I loved what he said about WITNESS in the new testament. It's never used as a verb--meaning to "do" but it's always used as a noun--meaning that's what we already are and should be! Wow! He also described that a healthly church in India is expected to plant other churches --if a church doesn't give birth to another churcn in India it's considered to be a "problem" church. Hmm..does that word condemn the american church who is so preoccupied with more and more and more... Wow again!

You Said (Houston) One of my favorite Reuben Morgan songs. Such a call to missions and sharing Christ.

Mighty To Save (Houston) Another Reuben Morgan song. Worked well! Can I just say I love Reuben Morgan's songs... everyone of Hillsong's faves I have are Morgan's songs. There's just something about his writing that captures me.

NEW MEMBER PRESENTATION--presented new members.

How was your Sunday?


Gary Durbin said...

great set...I love the song, "Our Heart".

dennarr said...

Great set - Our Heart is powerful! We start our Missions Focus month next Sunday...I'll have to check your setlists for ideas!

Last year we intro'd From Jerusalem (Tommy Walker) and Let Your Kingdon Come (Kauflin). Another great one is Rising (Baloche).

I'll have to check out You Said.