Only A Twin Would Understand

Today's funeral for the two Dillard twin boys reminded me of something; there are just some things that only twins understand about each other. There is an unmistakeable bond between twins--and I'm not talking the psychic stuff.

Hearing the stories today of the Dillard boys and how they took up for each other and fought with each other reminded me of the times I spent with my brother Jon. We were together from womb
to High school graduation; sharing birthday parties, classrooms, Boys Scouts and RA Basketball.

Jon and I get along great and he's one of my advisers when I need another perspective. We're different in personality (I'm artsy and he's analytical) but we compliment each other in many ways. We even married girs with similar names (Jon married De Ann--I married Diane)

I texted Jon afterwards-- I don't tell him often enough how much I love having a brother.


Darla said...

i feel some comfort in knowing that they are together still, like they have been always. great post, glad you and your brother are close, having a sibling is wonderful, having a twin i'm sure is even better. may they rest in peace, and may God comfort their families at this difficult time.