Worship Confessional, August 9, 2009

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Set List

Start Small--Opening video (ShiftWorship) a great thinking opener--find something to praise and thank the Lord about this week.

I HAVE A HOPE (Walker) Second week for this song.. I love it!



IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL (Hymn Charts arr.)

WHO CAN SATISFY (Jernigan) This section of songs was extremely powerful today. We had the family of the twins that passed away in our service today. I had no idea when I planned the service a couple of weeks ago that we would be singing these songs about hope and grace in the midst of the storms of life. Wow--Holy Spirit was there.

Morning Message-Jonah: Is Your God In A Box?

Only 1 more week in Jonah. We've intentionally slowed down the use of new songs this summer in order to "stay" with a song until it a catches on in the congregation. This has been very different for me--but it's been good as the congregation can immediately join in and contribute. I think when I looked last week that we had done GOD OF THIS CITY 4 times, BIG ENOUGH GOD 6 times and RESCUE three times in this 8 week period.

How was your Sunday?


Anonymous said...

That's always encouraging when what you planned fits in with what happens in the service. Not knowing who is going to be there, yet selecting songs that will minister to their specific circumstances...wow.

Gary Durbin said...

Who Can Satisfy is a gorgeous song.

Chris said...

Hey, Jim

How are things going as you walk through this season of change? It's great to hear how the songs are really making a difference for you.