She Looks Like My Mom!

I said in my Monday blog how Taylor and I sang together for the USO Show on Sunday. When we were backstage (under the blue light) I looked at her and said "Taylor you look like Nana!"(My mom)

Here is the comparison. My mom was 18 in the picture to the left. This was her Sr. High photo. Taylor is 15 and a sophomore in school. See the similarities?

My wife remarked the other night "Isn't it funny how genetics play out in children and the next generation?".

So, who do you look like? Do your children favor one of your parents? I'm still working on this baldness thing--my Mom's Dad died at 90 with a full head of hair--where's the genetic fairness in that?


Brook Sarver said...

The similarities are striking, indeed! I always looked like my mother until I got married and gained 30 pounds! The extra chin makes me look like my father's side of the family. Ha!

Jim Drake said...


Brother--we're not countin chins...don't even go there!

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