Worship Post-Fessional, Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Today was an interesting day. There was so much going on in this service. First of all there were some set pieces for this weeks sermon that were large and in charge today. I"ll be blogging about those later this week. We also had an emphasis on the elections and as part of the sermon we handed out little buttons I had made (from here)with "13:1" on them. This was to reflect the passage in Romans 13:1 that says:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For(B) there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

The set list for this week looked like this:

Let It Rise (Holland) Old school I know--but still a great opener
Only A God Like You (Walker)--another oldie but goodie
Welcome--Prayer for Elections
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Hymn)
Center (Charlie Hall)

God of This City (Passion Version) with this video-this was our first time ever to do this song.

Our God Saves (Baloche)
Dismiss--God of This City-Band

First SERVICE (Traditional)--Our Senior Adult choir led. They began by singing JESUS IS COMING SOON!. We weren't trying to be prophetic--it is just a song we've been working on in the collection we have. "Troublesome times are here..."--Ok, maybe it is prophetic!

So, how was your Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Only A God Like You!

I love that song! Thanks for reminding me of it :) I want to lead that soon.

David Lindner said...

We do Center too. How do you feel about the verses in comparison to the chorus?

Holland Like The Country said...

Thanks for including Let It Rise in your line up!!!


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Gary Durbin said...

Our God Saves...I've gotta get that one going. killer tune.

Jim Drake said...


thanks for writing me and thanks for writing a great song!

Jim Drake said...


Our God Saves is a great song. We did it as a closer and it seemed a little out of place there. Probably best as an opener type of song

Jim Drake said...

Only a God Like you is truly one of those songs that you can bring back any time and it's gonna work.

Thanks for checking out our list.

Jim Drake said...


The verse is very different from the chorus. Our people sing the chorus well...I'm not so sure on the verse---may be to repetitive note wise (Your the center of the universe)

And..some songs aren't meant for congregational singing..they're personal worship songs. We need to keep that in mind during song selection.