This post is an update on the progress of the set for UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE, which we will be doing at The Ritz Theater on May 22-24.

We are deep into rehearsals and so while trying to get the cast ready for the show I'm trying to work the edges with the set, sound, props, publicity etc. Not that I have to do all of this but being Director/Producer you have to make it happen. Luckily I have great people who will say "Yes" when I look at them with puppy dog eyes. Actually I enjoy trying to connect people to a project.

The flats went up this week (or most of them did) and we'll be ready for our local artist to come in and do her magic over the weekend or early next week. The stage won't quite be to concept (it's much smaller than I thought) but we'll get the gist of the scene.

I'm really proud of the cast. Early on it was slow getting to know each other and knowing the script, but they have picked it up and are moving really fast through the scenes. We run Acts 1 and 2 tonight off book (this is only 1 week after we did read through) and we'll finish blocking the whole show on Monday. That will leave us about a week to run and polish the show. I know that's not much time--but you deal with what your given.

Thanks to Dorothy for letting me post this on Creative Fuzion. I know it doesn't pertain to Church creativity--but it's where I'm expressing mine the most at the moment.