Twittering In Church (Part 2)

I received a tweet yesterday about a Time magazine article this week about Twitter and church (you know the media is so "leading edge"--I wrote about this over a year ago)

I went to the article and realized it was quoting my friend, John Voelz, who had implemented Twitter in their services a year ago. John is definitely leading edge and they have implemented Twitter for use in their church (talkback during services, communication and note taking).

The media is all over Twitter now because the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey have jumped on it. But people like John are the real users of Twitter. They've learned how to harness the technology for impacting the world with the message of Christ.

Congratulations John! I can now say I know someone who was published in Time!


Darla said...

i think twittering in services is cool. they encouraged us to twitter during the dove awards and to fb as well...and boy did everyone do as they were asked. lol.