Publisher's Clearing House Winner--Not, but I did Win Something Big!

I've always dreamed of the day when my name would be called in the Publisher's Clearing House Giveaway. I secretly selected which house I wanted, which car and how much cash as I licked and affixed those stamps to the document. But I never won.

However, today was a different day. I was sitting at lunch when I got a Tweet from Fred McKinnon that said

"YOU WON! You won the registration to the National Worship Leader Conference in Kansas (off my blog). Send me email addy"

I shot back "No way!" but it was real. I have won a registration to the National convention in Kanas City in July! Awesome!

Fred will be there; so will Kendall, my blog friend from Hamlin and many more.

What a cool way to start a Monday!


Darla said...

that is awesome! for the choir banquet, i do need some help. i will contact you today with the deets, it's simple (for you anyway)

Rich Kirkpatrick said...

very nice...except I am jealous I cannot win one and be there too!

Chuck Harris said...

awesome. you'll be all conferenced up. with that and RE:CREATE.

i'm just hoping to go to something this next year.