Worship Confessional, May 10, 2009

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Set List

A Life of Worship (Shift Worship) Opening video

Your Grace Is Enough (Maher) (Should have been the Key of G--we did it in A because that's what the track was keyed in... lower Key Jim, lower Key!

A New Hallelujah! (Smith) Second week for this song! We'll let it lay low for a couple of weeks and then bring it back.

Welcome/Mother's Day/ Baby Dedication (10 babies!)

Be Thou My Vision (Praise Charts)-- always a fave

Offertory Prayer

We Fall Down (Tomlin)

Message-- Children Obey --but watch out Mom/Dad---an encouragement for Mom's and Dad's to be intentional in the lives of their children.

Trust and Obey (Hymn)--this was a change at the last moment. We had scheduled "YOU NEVER LET GO" but when I sat down I just felt it wasn't right. Ever have those moments?

How was your Sunday?

PS. An accident last night with my Powerbook had it looking like this

This isn't my computer... but the screen to the right looks an awful lot like it.


Darla said...

oops! hope you can get it fixed. i'll be blogging hopefully in NY. i'm going to try to keep updated each night, so be looking for your daughter. i'll try to take good care of her.

Jim Drake said...

Yeah--it's fixable... part has been ordered

Thanks for blogging so we can experience it with you. She is so excited.

Paul Fowler said...

Hey Jim! Sounds like a great day. Is Your Grace... to high for the congregation or you? We always sing it in A.
Sorry to hear about your Macbook :(