When Dreams Become Reality

Almost 4 years ago I walked into The Ritz Community Theater here in Snyder just to see what was there.  Along the walls of the theater were pictures of past productions that spanned some 11 years.  I thought to myself "I'd love to direct a play here someday". That dream came true this weekend with UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE.

I've been part of three productions here (as an actor) and expressed my interest to direct last fall.  It all came to be with this production and now that I am on the other side of it I can speak of the lessons I've learned.  This was in ways a whole lot like a church production and very different at the same time.

1.  Resources are always at a premium.  Even though this was a secular venue--I had to make the most of the least.  Every old flat was used; every can of old paint was inspected; every prop was borrowed or loaned.  I've seem to become an expert in this field with many years of church productions.

2.  People are your most important asset in any project.  Knowing a bunch of people from different venues here in the city (church, school, social, business) helped in pulling together talent across the spectrum to make it happen.  Never discount that little piece of information you learn about someone--you might just need it some day.

3. Organization and lists are a must in any big project.  If you aren't detailed--then surround yourself with people that are.  I'm a BIG PICTURE kind of person--I was so fortunate to have so many detailed people around me on this project.

4.  Celebrate the wins--minimize the losses and keep moving.  You have to remember in any project there will be setbacks, but ultimately with the goal in mind you move forward. This is true in any organization or project.

5.  Dream it-then make it happen. This project came together in less than a month.  Not ideal but it can be done in a short amount of time if you put your mind to it.

6.  Don't stop there--keep dreaming.  I've already begun planning another show.. I know--I'm stupid but I loved it.

What projects are you working on?