"Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain!"

Do you remember this scene in Remember The Titans? After much tension between the players from schools of separate color, the team comes together in a sweltering summer practice and after a missed block, the captain confronts the team member. The team member shoots back "attitude reflects leadership, captain" It's one of the defining lines of the movie.

I was reminded of this last night as my kids watched this movie on Spring break and it fell in line with a book that I'm re-reading again (Building A Bridge As You Walk On It) where he claims "you become what you behold; you behold what you become". Meaning--what you see you imitate!
What a reminder to me as a leader that even in the face of uncertainty, my attitude reflects on my organization and those I lead. What I feel and think should be processed in light of this and the result should be for me to convey to those I lead about the future. True, it must have a healthy dose of reality, but never to the point of discouragement or despair. These are not marks of leadership.

So, do you think the phrase "attitude reflects leadership" is true?


chuck harris said...

our pastor at Cottonwood in Dublin preached a great sermon on Becoming What You Behold. I have the notes somewhere. i'll try and find them.