Duct Tape Prom--I'm so recommending this to my kids!

I've known about this "fad" for a while, but with a daughter getting ready to go to her first prom, my interest was piqued as I heard the story of Fox News this morning of a school where they had an "All Duct Tape" prom! Sweet!

I Googled it and couldn't find the school, but I did find this site for Duct Tape where they have embraced the quirkiness of what people do with their product. I plan on checking it out--especially since we recently used Duct Tape in several ways in our Childrens Worship Arts Ministry.

Just goes to prove that creativity is still alive and when encouraged, we flourish and find new ways to do old things.


Anonymous said...

It is truly inventive and a great idea. The only shame is that the high school student who went on Fox News this morning claimed all the fame when she had NOTHING to do with the duct tape prom other than making her own outfit. The local High School Art teacher is the brains behind everything and she got totally snubbed. Its Swainsboro High School and it is a total shame that when the school won't give the teacher any money for an art budget that she goes above and beyond providing the kids with duct tape at her own personal expense and gets no credit.