Worship Confessional, March 14, 2010

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Start of Spring Break and Time Change Sunday is the perfect storm for attendance. We were way down today, but that was expected with two Sunday's of spring break and time change happening. I read on Facebook one of our church members aid "heading to church, thought we were on time, then I heard Jim on the radio! We didn't make it to church!" Wonder how many more were like that?

Regardless, I think we had a good day of worship and word. There are just going to be days like this!

Set List

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) (Imboden) A great song that I forget about---we haven't done this one in a long time.
Made To Worship (Tomlin) A standard for us!
Christ Has Risen (Maher) We introduced this new song from Maher's "Alive Again" album and we'll be doing it through EASTER.
In Christ Alone (Getty) My all time favorite new hymn... it absolutely moves me everytime we sing it!

Morning Message--"Be before you Do"--Ed Ethridge

Here I Am To Worship (G3 Arr.)

How was your Sunday?