Worship Confessional, March 7, 2010

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Set List:

Majesty (Brewster)--- Sarah led out on this one and we did it in a lower key ,which gave it a different feel

Welcome--Sarah (as I had to dash out the back door to get ready for baptism)

Baptism--highlight of the day for me as I baptized Brandi Phillips, a member of our CHRISTMAS BELLES cast from The Ritz. This is the whole reason I'm involved with outside artistic endeavors-to meet artists in the community and lead them to Christ (many, many people had a touch in her life and the result was her coming to Christ on the last day of our production in December--WIN!!!)

Missionary Video---this was the gap holder to get me back down to the stage--We started North American Missions emphasis this week. This video talked about church planting in Colorado.

Choir--Mighty To Save/ Alleluia (Brentwood Benson)

Scripture Reading (Isaiah 40:27-31) "Those who wait upon the Lord shall mount up with strength like eagles"

Everlasting God (Brown)

Blessed Assurance (Hymn Charts arr)

Morning Message--Floyd Haddock

Jesus Paid It All (Stanfill)

How was your Sunday?