BBK--There's No One Like Her!

I had the joy today to reconnect with BBK (Barbara Bamberg-Knight) who was my accompanist at SWBTS. What a joy she has been in my life for 20 years and it was such fun to relive some of those seminary moments with her and my senior adult choir today.

She currently serves St. Luke Methodist here in Houston as a Music Associate.
After some great food with her at a local coffee shop, I had her bring us back to the church for her to play for my choir.

I can't tell you how soothing it was to hear her play again. It was like heaven! She played my favorite "Shine Your Light On Us" which was such a ministering song to me in one of my darkest periods of ministry. I would play that cd over and over again and just weep.

I love connecting people in my present with the gems of my past. BBK is one of those gems. What great joy to call her friend!