Deep Change Versus Slow Death

Its the end of the week and I look up and see that I haven't posted anything since last Sunday. Not that I haven't thought of things to post this week (my draft folder has about 11 different posts that I've started and never finished) but it's been a busy week here with three teens and two puppies and Mom gone.

I started a new book this week. Deep Change (Robert Quinn) which is the original book that preceeded Building A Bridge As You Walk On It. Both books are about leadership, change and the fundamental state of leadership that must take place for change to happen in individuals and organizations.

Funny, I have gravitated back to management books (my undergrad was in Business Management) and my need to understand personal and organizational development.

I'm just a few pages into the book when I discover this phrase "most of us tend to prefer and choose slow death over deep change." Wow! In that one sentence is the description of society, organizations and individuals who are faced with ever changing external conditions and signals yet refuse to make the changes needed in our lives.

So that you won't think that I've gone totally crazy, I think this is true spiritually too. We tend to choose slow death in our spiritual lifes (spiritual stagnation) over deep change (spiritual growth). As Quinn states everything tends toward entropy (or slow death) unless we make the fundamental changes in our lives that keep us moving forward. Does this make sense to you?

I know it's true in my own life (and I'm somewhat there now) that if I don't continually keep myself moving forward in spiritual and mental endeavors, then I tend toward status quo, which is the worst place to be in. For me, status quo has no energy or life in it and I can't find anything in the Bible where Jesus said, just maintain until I get back.

I'll post more this weekend as I get further into this book. What do you think about the phrase "Deep change versus slow death"? Do you see it in your current situation in life?