Mr. Mom ( Mom Come Home!)

We've been mom-less this week as Diane was away. Having three teens and two puppies has kept me busy (it's been easier to put the three teens to bed each night, but the puppies have kept me busy up until midnight and then up early in the morning). I feel like I'm deprived about 12 hours of sleep over the week.

It's been a busy week and thankfully the teens are at a point of some self help and determination. They've all chipped in and helped with laundry, meals and such and I can't imagine the week without that help.

But being teens, they all had their places to go and the weekend finds me needing to be in three different locations for all of them, but I really can only physically be in one.

So, here's to all the Moms and Mr. Mom's who do this thing week in and week out. I know now when I look into your tired eyes how you feel. I'm looking forward to Mom coming home soon so I can get some sleep.


Darla said...

nice post JIM! lol, just be glad they are not toddlers!!! :D however, somedays i feel that those times were actually easier? or less complicated anyway. HURRY home Diane!!!