On To Madrid!

So, as I'm typing this it's 10:56 AM in the morning (3:56 AM Texas time) and we are on a fast speed train from Barcelona to Madrid.  It's funny how this land looks like West Texas and New Mexico.  I was just remarking to my sister that Senor Coronado must have thought that he was home when he explored our area.  Small scrubby trees here look like Mesquites and the low lying hills remind me of 20 Mile Mountain just north of Fluvana.

The plans for the day are to get to Madrid around 1:30PM (about 5:30 AM Texas time) and get to the hotel. We'll explore Plaza Mayor (one of the big plazas here) while we people watch and get ready for tours tomorrow across the City and to Toledo (not Ohio, but the ancient spiritual center of Spain)   Sunday finds us doing an outing to outside of Madrid and some more exploration of the city.

All in all, Spain is a very friendly and clean country.  The people are most friendly and helpful and I find that the culture is very accessible ( even the language is coming easier).  Next time I'm here I will speak in Espanol~