There's A Flea Market In Madrid!

There's a flea market everywhere you go and today we attended the one in El Rastro (southern area of the city) and found it most enjoyable.

Aside by being touched by one grandpa and one grandma trying to look for  $$$ in my pocket (ah ha Granny and Grandpa, I fooled you.  It was elsewhere on my body), it was a most enjoyable fair of different goods and wares.  We really felt part of the city as we strolled the hilly streets.

There were thousands here and most seemed to be looking for a good bargain too!   It happens to be in a part of the city that we keep coming back too (just south of Plaza Mayor) and an area that is easily navigable.

Tonight we have supper in the same area again at the worlds oldest restaurant.  Our supper time is.. 9:30 ( and that's the early seating--they wanted us to wait until 11:15!)   Ah, the spanish life...never in a hurry.


Diane said...

Did you really have someone try to pick pocket you? I knew you said it was common, but to know they are doing it. Wow. Glad you had it somewhere else.