One year ago today I made a decision.  NO MORE SODAS and in particular, NO MORE DIET COKE.

I was convinced of this after attending a health workshop  and hearing the tales of what all went into Diet Drinks and their effect on your body and in particular your liver and lymph system.   Shocking!

I didn't know if I could go a whole year without one and believe me in the beginning it was murder.  But I've learned to crave water (and occasion Tea or Juice).    I can tell a real difference!

So--here's to the first anniversary of NO SODAS.

Could you give it up for a year!


Chuck Harris said...

i started in May, we will see. usually when i give them up, i lose quite a bit of weight, but it hasn't happened this time. i gave them up to try and balance my pH.

Alicia said...

Wow! That's super impressive. I went without it for 46 days, and that was hard enough. Nice job!