We Were All Created To Be Farmers!

I'm amazed when I look at Facebook how many people play FARM VILLE.  The latest statistic I found was that 71 Million--MILLION people are users of FARM VILLE.   No wonder we have requests for plows, hoes, rakes, cows and barn raising going on all the time.

Seventy one million-MILLION--users have expressed an interest in taking care of something that real farmers know is a life long calling and profession.  FARMING is hard work--can I get a whoop, whoop from my farmer friends.

There is something deep within the human soul that wants to tend and nuture and care for something (not that I'm equating raising radishes in FARM VILLE is equal to the back breaking work of real crops and their trials--no sir!)  But just look at it.  Why would anyone care to manage a virtual farm if they didn't internally and secretly care how something thrives and succeeds. (By the way, are there rain showers and tornadoes in FARM VILLE?  How about droughts?)

Something has clicked with these virtual farmers that makes them check in on and care for their farm and I think it's something worth exploring.  Were we all created to be farmers?  Maybe so, maybe no--but I do think we were all created to nuture and to take care of what God created.. Why else would we care?  Because God does--and he has imparted to us his caring nature for relationships, for families, for friends, and so on.

So, are you a FARMER?  And no, don't send any requests for mango trees--I killed all of mine a long time agon.