You're The God of This City-Madrid

I ran a little further today than I had planned.  I had wanted to only run to the Gran Via and back (just short of Sol (the Center of Town) but something told me to go further.  I went to the middle of the city (SOL) and I felt like I needed to hear this song.  Wow--try that watching all of the nations (mostly Spain) pass in front of your eyes and you will feel the most insignificant in your life.  So much to do here in this city and in this country.

I prayed for those passing in front of me that they would encounter the God of this City-and that Jesus would  be real to them, not just a religion.  I ended the run (and subsequently got a little lost ) listening to Chris do "SING, SING, SING".  As I pass through one particularly rough part of town I sang out loud "Sing, Sing, Sing and make music to the heavens".  Also Christy Nockles "HOSANNA" (Break my heart for what breaks yours..  that'll do you in too)

I love running in these cities.  Just reaffirms my love for  the nations and a gratefulness that God isn't just God of America--he's King of the Nations!